The best thing about this game so far has been the community

fallout 2 - The best thing about this game so far has been the community

Coming from Destiny 2 as my previous online game, the community was very toxic and catered to high level players. It left alot of balance problems with matchmaking and skill levels, and things that should've taken an hour could take 8. Eventually it was time to retire the game, I was just burnt out and no amount of DLC gave me the feeling like my time was worth it.

I played FO3, 4 and NV so I was very excited for 76. Despite all the criticism and hatred, I still love it. I just passed level 50 and I've been taking my time with the game, learning about everything that took place, enjoying the journey. I don't get that much time to play, juggling work and school full time, marriage and a baby. I do a quest or two, some events, and just explore and try to grind for caps and some decent loot, nothing crazy so far. 95% of my player interactions have been absolutely great. I got killed in a nuke zone by some level 150 something because I, a lvl 30 at the time, accidently hit him with a stray rifle round. Woops! Didn't need to slaughter me but sure, I get it, whatever. Had some guy slaughter all the legendaries in an event before I could tag them, but sure whatever I'd show off my explosive shotgun too I guess. Other than that, the community has been so positive and very giving, it's quite relieving to see.


I have my camp set up by the road near Sutton and today a higher level player stopped by, thumbs upped me, and dropped off a gift of stims and some other healing items. Then disappeared into the distance. I saw some workshop events going on and there was a lvl 107 who just waved and we both did the objectives. Could've killed me thinking I was trying to take his shop, but they were nice to me and I made sure to help out. Got some decent plans I didn't have. Then I ran into three scorchbeasts and I was just getting stun locked the whole time. Who came to help out? The level 107 guy! I probably would've died because I was barely able to move from being stunned, but eventually I hunkered down and we battled the beasts and won. Got some ultracite plans! My first ones, and then he thumbs upped me and went on his merry way.

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This game may be getting crap from the people who refuse to see the potential, but the best asset in my opinion is the players. This community has been great, and once I get decent gear I'll be sure to pay it forward!

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