The Best Way To Establish Control Over The Country?

fallout 4 - The Best Way To Establish Control Over The Country?

So I was thinking recently, about the various factions and conflicts in the post-war Fallout world. And I came to the conclusion that there is a plan that someone could plant the seeds for, that would eventually result in one faction controlling the wasteland.

  • On the West Coast, we've got the NCR – they've got economy, security, an army and manufacturing. They also control a fairly large region. There's no doubt to me they're the best hope that exists on the West Coast. Mr. House and Yes Man are only concerned with Vegas, and Caesar's Legion is just a tower waiting to fall once it's leader dies.

  • On the East Coast, more specifically the Capital Wasteland, we have the Brotherhood of Steel. While, by the time of Maxson, they are tech hoarders again, it's still clear that they recruit people and element threats such as Super Mutants and Gen1 and 2 Synths. The Capital Wasteland is suggested to be a somewhat safe region once the Brotherhood establishes that control.

  • Then you've got Appalachia, where the only faction remaining that has infrastructure, resources, and leadership in place is the Whitespring Enclave.

  • And in an ideal world, the Institute, Minutemen, and Brotherhood could be made to work together by the Sole Survivor, but I digress.


With each of these factions, it's safe to assume that without conflict from the player, they are guaranteed to not collapse, and would inevitably grow and expand – bringing stability to a wider and wider area, ensuring things are a bit more under control.

This means that once the NCR overcame the barrier that is Caesar's Legion, they could slowly sweep across the country. And, so long as war and fighting is avoided, they can negotiate with each of these factions – a matter far easier than trying to tame the hostile wasteland, eliminate raiders, and fight with smaller, disagreeing factions. Because reasoning with the leadership of a faction is probably easier than dealing with a hundred smaller, bickering factions.

Normally, I'd say a lack of leadership and organization would be the best chance for someone else to win – but in this case, I think it would only make things harder for the NCR. If someone with the manipulative talents of someone like, say, Palpatine from Star Wars, had the ability to sow these seeds, smaller, independent factions stabilizing a region then being incorporated into something larger could fully happen, and could lead to the country being centralized and stable.

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