The Brotherhood is NOT an evil faction, they are morally good – and I can prove it

fallout 7 - The Brotherhood is NOT an evil faction, they are morally good - and I can prove it

Before you downvote, I ask that you please read my points. The Brotherhood gets a ton of undeserved flak for what they do in Fo4. I have seen people say all manner of ridiculously unfair things about the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 4. I once made a post defending them and, no joke, I was called a fascist for siding with them. Oxhorn made a video where he ridiculously equated their views to those of Nazis. These arguments are false, and unfair, and I'll prove it.

  • In the Fallout universe, their views are completely justified. Think about all the times science was able to grow without bounds in Fallout. The pre war US and China started a nuclear war, the Institute kidnapped and murdered for centuries, Mr. House effectively became indisputable king of the Mojave.
  • The Brotherhood is an excellent candidate for seizing tech, and Fo4 proves it. When the BoS rolls into the Commonwealth, they use their technology to destroy the undisputed bad guys of Massachusetts. Proctor Ingram and Elder Maxson use the BoS' resources to wipe out threats to the common people.
  • People argue that the Brotherhood extorts farmer in the Commonwealth. In my previous post, one person said that I was justifying protection rackets. Let me ask you a question – do you choose whether or not to pay taxes? Does your government approach you to see whether or not you'd like to be a part of it? If it is fascist for a government to order citizens to pay taxes, then every country on earth is fascist. Further, the Brotherhood, like any good government, gives something in return – they protect people by eliminating threats. And don't tell me the people don't want this service performed, because they request that you do it in Minutemen quests.
  • The Brotherhood's 'shoot first, ask questions later' policy is not inherently totalitarian of fascist, in fact democracies the world over use similar procedures during times of distress. Abraham Lincoln, for example, suspended Habeus Corpus, a vital rule in democratic governments, because of the threat of the civil war. I don't think anyone can argue that the Commonwealth doesn't meet such conditions.
  • The abominations they target should absolutely be wiped out:
    • Supermutants: I'm familiar with the 'good' supermutants from earlier games. But we are talking about Maxson's Brotherhood. The supermutants in the Commonwealth murder people, attack on sight, eat human beings, and frequently express their desire to usurp human beings. Would you feel safe having a family, knowing that they're lurking around?
    • Feral Ghouls: A no-brainer. These guys roam around, attacking and murdering innocents. They of course need to be stopped.
    • Non-feral Ghouls: Each and every non feral ghoul has the risk of going feral. Each one is a potential mass murderer. The Brotherhood is a faction built on not taking risks; their philosophy on running a society is 'play it safe' Considering this fact, the BoS acts reasonable around them. I mean, you can literally bring one onto the Prydwen. I know Danse sounds like a douche when he insults Hancock, but you can't ignore the very real risks that prompt such treatment.
    • Gen 1 and 2 synths: Again, a no brainer. Robot servants of the Institute. The Railroad would have you treat these guys as thought they're living, breathing, humans.
    • Gen 3 synths: It's true that there are some freed synths that are perfectly good and true, but look at the reason these synths are created. Every single one is formed to serve the Institute. On the whole, the existence and creation of gen 3 synths is a threat to the Commonwealth.
      • There are literally words you can say to them that make them perform certain actions. Each and every gen 3 synth, from a tactical perspective, is a Manchurian candidate waiting to be deployed.
      • While biologically they may be identical to a human, gen 3's have their histories, their memories, their personalities all created and tailored by either the Institute or the Railroad. It isn't right to jump to assign them personhood. At the very least, one should acknowledge the complexity of the issue. The Brotherhood is not evil for taking a position on this matter.
  • Now for the biggie: Paladin Danse. To preface this, I love Danse. He's a bro to my character. But Maxson's reaction is not at all unreasonable. In fact, he's surprisingly tolerant.
    • Synths are a threat to the BoS, because they can infiltrate a group and successfully blend in. While Danse may not be a threat, he's living breathing proof that this fear is grounded in reality. I mean, look at it from Maxson's perspective. One of his most trusted allies and friends was created by the Brotherhood's greatest enemy. How is he not supposed to react the way he did? Why exactly should this teach Maxson about the plight of synths? As far as he can tell, all of his fears have just been indisputably proven.
    • For all Maxson knows, if the right words are said to Danse he could go on a shooting spree aboard the Prydwen. Danse wouldn't even need to be an active fighter for the Institute.
    • Maxson is willing to let Danse live. Danse has acquired tons of knowledge about the Brotherhood's plans and strategies. For all Maxson knows, Danse might be programmed to go right to the Institute and tell them everything about the attack. Yet, Maxson stops, listens to the sole survivor, and puts aside his beliefs because it is the logical decision. He is flexible.

The Brotherhood in Fo4 uses intimidating uniforms, big weapons, and decisive strategies, but this doesn't make them evil. Contrary to what Oxhorn says, the abominations they fight in the Commonwealth are not the same as human beings and there is a true need to get rid of them. Elder Maxson is a tough, principled, practical and flexible leader who does things that are, in the end, good for the Commonwealth (he also has a sweet jacket).

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