The Brotherhood of Steel needs YOU! And steel. LOTS of steel. Fast track training opportunities available for individuals fresh from Vault 76. (Power Leveling – PC only)

fallout 7 - The Brotherhood of Steel needs YOU! And steel. LOTS of steel. Fast track training opportunities available for individuals fresh from Vault 76. (Power Leveling - PC only)

Greetings residents of Vault 76. I'm Knight Wanderer, Brotherhood of Steel. We're reaching out via the Vault 76 intra-vault message system to those in the vault that have yet to emerge into the wasteland of Appalachia. The Scorchbeast threat to Appalachia is real, and in our ongoing effort to combat it, we're accepting new recruits into our ranks. Trust me when I say that the amount of experience you can gain in a short amount of time by training with a Knight of the Brotherhood of Steel will be far greater than what you can get on your own.

Our mission is two-fold – first, to train new recruits while destroying dangerous abominations, and second, to secure steel salvage to be used in weapon, power armor, and ammo production. Recruits will be expected to hand over weapons and armor found during these training exercises that can be salvaged by the Brotherhood. Fear not though! The Brotherhood will provide for you. In addition to the rewards listed below, all caps, ammunition, and exceptional armaments found by recruits may be kept by said recruit.

As a new recruit, you will be provided with a basic training weapon, a Shielded Brotherhood of Steel Soldier Suit, Ammunition, Rad-Away, Stimpacks, and Purified Water. Food will be scavenged during the training operations. Rest assured that no one will go hungry!

When your training is sufficient (level 25), you will be promoted to an Initiate. All Initiates are granted:

  • A full set of Excavator Power Armor complete with Calibrated Shocks for increased carry capacity
  • 5 fully charged Fusion Cores
  • Your choice of a .50 Caliber Heavy Machine Gun, 5mm Gatling Gun, or Gatling Laser
  • Additional ammunition for the chosen weapon. (1,000 standard 5mm or .50 Caliber rounds, or 2 additional Fusion Cores)

These are still considered training weapons, and Initiates should not attempt to destroy the abominations we will be fighting. Instead, they should conserve ammo by practicing aiming and shooting each target to get more familiar with their weapons. Leave destruction of the abominations to your attending Knight! This is for your own safety.


When your instructor completes your combat training (level 50), you will be promoted to the rank of Squire and given a more advanced set of Excavator Power Armor in exchange for your less advanced set. The less advanced set will be repaired if necessary and given to a new initiate. You will also be allowed to select one exceptional weapon (1 star legendary) from our armory. We have many weapons to choose from.

You are free to continue training with your Knight for as long as you would like, however, no additional supplies or rewards will be provided. We expect our Squires to become self sufficient once they reach that level of training. Additional ammunition, fusion cores, and weaponry must be purchased or scavenged. Squires will still be expected to hand over a portion (half) of all salvageable armor and weaponry to their attending knight for as long as they train with them.

If this training opportunity interests you, respond to this intra-vault message with the name you are known as in Vault 76, or contact /u/knight_wanderer directly with that information.

DISCLAIMER: We will be training in hostile territory. Recruits should expect to take fire from both abominations and hostile citizens. The Brotherhood of Steel will not be held accountable for accidental death, dismemberment, or disfigurement.

-Knight Wanderer, Brotherhood of Steel

(Less RP version) I'll power level you using my level 330+ bloodied build that chews through enemies in the blink of an eye in exchange for the scrappable weapons / armor you find during the power leveling. This will be in Survival Mode during double exp this weekend. We will be at an undisclosed location. You will level very fast. We may encounter enemy players, but I have a base set up that provides a VERY defensible fall back point. I'm currently 7-0 there. I don't want to give more details for fear of letting others know about it. I am on PC, so this is for PC players only.

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