The Burrows is ho-hum, so here’s a dungeon concept with mechanics. Beth, if you’re listening, this one’s for free.

fallout 8 - The Burrows is ho-hum, so here's a dungeon concept with mechanics. Beth, if you're listening, this one's for free.

NAME: Countdown to Extinction

PREMISE: MODUS has detected a defective rogue mainframe that's trying to take control of the nuclear stockpile and unleash hell on Appalachia. You must breach the control substation, take out the mainframe's defenses, and stop the launch before Appalachia experiences another nuclear Armageddon.

BASICS: This dungeon consists of three linear sections. Players progress from section to section by either defeating a specific mechanic or destroying the section's boss. The first section is public, while the second and third sections are instanced.

SECTION 1: Architecture of Aggression (Access Tunnels)
The control substation's elevator is broken, so the players have to find their way down using the main elevator shaft's access tunnels and maintenance crawls, fighting past automated defense turrets and swarms of radrats that are nesting in the tunnels (hence the broken elevator; radrats ate the cables). It's a long way down; think express elevator to hell.

At the bottom of the elevator, the players encounter a laser grid barrier, and the rogue mainframe refuses MODUS' command to lower its defenses. MODUS begins to brute-force the barrier's access codes, which causes the rogue mainframe to go into high alert, deploying waves of exploding Eyebots, Colonel Gutsies, and in the third and final wave a souped-up sentry bot miniboss called a Psychotron with twin gatling plasma cannons and a really bad attitude. Careful, the Psychotron's core is leaking hard radiation; the players have to kill it before they are fried. Once the Psychotron is down, MODUS cracks the access code and lowers the laser barrier so the players can proceed to the second section.

SECTION 2: This Was My Life (Living Quarters)
The next section comprises the living and working quarters of the substation's human personnel. Unfortunately, radiation has caused the site's former workers to ghoulify, and the place is crawling with bloated glowing ones and wendigos. The players have to fight their way through an endless stream of ghouls in order to reach the mainframe's core. Unfortunately, the core is safe behind a pair of impenetrable blast doors, and the mainframe has severed the blast doors' network access so MODUS can't just brute-force them like the laser grid.

To make matters worse, the blast doors will not open as long as enemies are near, and they require a set of two master access keycards that need to be inserted in two separate terminals at the same time. The station's two launch officers each held one keycard, so the players must find and kill the two launch officer minibosses, take their keycards, then two players must each take a keycards to the corresponding access terminal, slot in the cards and hold position until each terminal decrypts and confirms its keycard, and meanwhile the remaining players must keep the area in front of the blast doors clear of enemies (remember, endless stream of ghouls; you'll be knee deep in the dead). When the keycards are decrypted and the blast door lobby is clear of ghouls, the path to the mainframe core opens.

SECTION 3: Symphony of Destruction (Mainframe Core)
Finally, it's time to shut down the rogue mainframe and save Appalachia once more. While MODUS is deploying a multi-faceted cyberattack on the mainframe, the players must power up the mainframe's network uplink so MODUS can issue the kill command as soon as the mainframe's firewall is down. There are three main uplink nodes scattered throughout the mainframe room as well as three firewall bypasses and two emergency radiation shelters.


The final boss works as follows:

  • Power the Uplink Nodes: The mainframe core protects itself by deploying waves of colonel gutsies led by Omega Assaultrons originally designed to help safeguard the facility's satellite uplink to Washington. Players need to kill the Omega Assaultrons, pick up the Phased Frequency One-Time Codecs they drop, and deposit the one-time codes into the corresponding uplink node's card slot. Once all three nodes are powered up, the mainframe begins to cycle its firewall.
  • Firewall Cycling: Each time a wave of defenders spawns, MODUS grants one random player an "Authorized User" buff. When the mainframe begins to cycle its firewall, the Authorized User has a few seconds to activate a firewall bypass. If they do not manage to activate the bypass in time, the mainframe's firewall resets and the uplink nodes power back down, forcing the players to restart the process of powering up the nodes. If the user does get to the bypass in time, MODUS sends a partial kill code, forcing the mainframe to drop one of its three outer shields. The mainframe purges its user cache in response, and MODUS reassigns the Authorized User buff to a different player.
  • Shield Down: Once the mainframe's shield drops, it's time to DPS. Players have about 30 seconds to lay into the mainframe's exposed core; then, the mainframe raises the shield back up and attempts to cycle its firewall again. If the next Authorized User successfully activates another firewall bypass before the mainframe finishes cycling, the mainframe drops its second shield, granting the players another DPS phase and forcing MODUS to pick a fresh Authorized User. This can be repeated once more for a total of three possible DPS phases.
  • Find Shelter: Whether the players manage to complete all three possible DPS phases or just one, after the DPS part the mainframe performs a hard reset of its firewall and initiates an emergency neutron purge. The players have about 10 seconds to get to one of the mainframe room's radiation shelters before the mainframe sweeps the room with a deadly neutron pulse, reducing any player caught in the pulse to ashes. Players inside the shelter are unharmed, but the pulse burns out the shelter, meaning you can only use each shelter once. Once the pulse completes, the uplink nodes power back down, and the players have to power them back up as above. This repeats until the mainframe core drops to 1% health.
  • Kill Code: When the mainframe's health drops to 1%, MODUS finally succeeds in transmitting a complete kill code. dropping all mainframe shields at once. The mainframe retaliates by blowing any remaining radiation shelters and initiating a final master purge countdown. Players have to destroy the mainframe before the countdown runs out.

Finally, when the mainframe drops to zero health, there's a final agonized scream as the core's fragile mind construct dissolves into digital nothingness. MODUS issues a few brief words of thanks and sadness over the mainframe's demise, realizing full well that MODUS itself would have suffered a similar fate if the Enclave resistance had succeeded in blowing it up. The quest completes and each players is awarded an Enclave commendation, which is a form of currency that can be traded in at the Whitespring bunker for endgame loot.

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