The Commonwealth Avengers

fallout 1 - The Commonwealth Avengers

Boston has a thing for superheroes, it seems. Whether it's the silver shroud radio show, the unstoppables and grognak comics strewn throughout the map, or the mechanist returning with an army of robots, you can be sure that whatever the problem, somebody is going to show up to help save the day and beat the bad guys.

I like to Roleplay in my Fallout, especially when it's an interesting way. Whether I'm playing as a chef armed only with a rolling pin and a flamer, or as a sheriff putting the hurt on outlaws, I like to play my roles thoroughly.

Sometimes, I let my companions join in on the fun. So when my Stealth Scoped Sole Survivor Segues into The Starlet Sniper, there's no reason to leave out my friends. As I meet them, here's how I equip my own unstoppables.

Dogmeat is hardest, after all he's a dog and there's not much customisation. However, with a Red Bandana and some Welding Goggles, the loyal mutt can become RadDog, loyal and charismatic companion.

Preston, the last surviving minuteman, and the last person to truly understand what they stood for. So he emerges from the shadows of the museum, armed with his trusty Laser Musket and dressed in Far Harbor Tracker Gear, as Minuteman.

Cait is a hard-drinking fightin' irish in every sense of the phrase, and so it'd make little sense to not embrace this. A world series bat, some Diamond City Guard Armor for her shoulders, and our sweet oirish lass can kick some arse as the Boston Bludgeoner.


Strong is up next, and he's a tough sunuvabitch to outfit, but luckily he can really make use of heavy weapons. Toss him a fully upgraded missile launcher and set him loose with a Super Mutant Flight Cap, and watch as Superbomb lays waste.

Paladin Danse probably feels right at home in his new power armor, a nice hot rod flames paintjob and a flamer to light filth up quickly. I dub him Engine.

Macready is a sniper, and looks damn good in a suit. A Gauss rifle and tuxedo complete the look, and the Gentleman is ready to make his presence known.

Curie loves science, and I love Curie, so to make her happy she gets an institute laser shotgun and a labcoat to really make her feel comfortable. Bonus points if you can get a surgical mask for the Nurse.

Piper Wright is known for her rather loud and close-up interviews, so it makes sense to give her a weapon for those hard-hitting questions. A combat shotgun, Militia hat and drifter outfit give Journey Girl her spot.

Hancock is enough of a superhero by himself, and the Shem Drowe sword is ideal for a radiation-proof ghoul.

Nick pointedly refuses to wear anything else, so let him pay homage to his captors with a submachine gun, just as skinny Malone loved.

Codsworth get his Bowler Hat at first, but as he travels he slowly becomes a protectotron with all kinds of bells and whistles. Enter Tank Butler.

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