The cost of Prime receiver and Ultracite ammo, getting caught with my pants down, and Veronica.

fallout 7 - The cost of Prime receiver and Ultracite ammo, getting caught with my pants down, and Veronica.

I am the opposite of a hoarder, in every pc game since 1996 I have always kept a neat, organized, and clutter free inventory.

I searched for and found my "one gun" to do all with in 76. junkies .50 cal. ammo components store to infinity with fallout 1rst, good damage, no spin up time for those jump scare moments.

I have tried on multiple times to upgrade to prime ammo and make it my daily use as primed but I can never justify the ammo cost and its just to expensive to use all the time. not only that it takes the fun out of killing low and mid level critters because in the back of my mind I am fretting over ammo usage.

so I went back to normal receiver and all was good in the world.

I can solo the queen with my non primed junkies ffr .50 its expensive on ammo and chems but If I launch a nuke and no one shows up that's usually ok I can still do it.

I have been playing since hour 1 and have about 2000 plus hours and hundreds of queen fights. out of all the queen fights I have done in only rare occasions have I launched a nuke and no one else came.

Yesterday I got caught with my pants down. no one showed up for the queen fight, I got her down to 30% health and I ran out of stim packs, I kept shooting anyway and just took the death when it came and lo and behold I ran out of friggin ammo too. of course she reset once I left to go make more ammo so I did not re engage. I swallowed my pride and bruised ego and set about to repairing my ammo and chem reserves.


I have a lot in common with tony stark, I like my mobster suit and white wolf hat, I keep my .50 cal gold plated, and I rock the hotrod paint job on my x-01 power armor. and I am rich AF, I have all 4 alts fully capped at 30 k each. I run a very successfull serum shop and generally just roam about being all flashy and blowing shit up. So I took inspiration from Mr stark. and created my own version of "veronica" ( https://ironman.fandom.com/wiki/Mark_XLIV_-_Hulkbuster ) I now have;

  1. a second primed junkies 50% limb damage gold plated .50 cal in a display stand in my camp.I call her veronica.
  2. 20k ultracite .50 cal in my bank box. (which should be enough ammo to kill her twice)
  3. 30 extra super stims and stims on stand by not to be sold. (should be enough heals to kill her twice)

if that bitch ever catches me light on supplies again I will use my fallout 1rst tent to summon veronica.

I don't like having extra things and the ultracite ammo is too expensive for every day use but I am not going to get caught short and lose to her again because I am unprepared.

🙂 the end.

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