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The Damage Nerf is Good: here’s why

fallout 8 - The Damage Nerf is Good: here's why

I have 4 endgame characters, 3/4 are bloodied, 1/4 is junkies heavy guns. My damage is about to get trainwrecked by the PTS nerf.

And it's a good thing.

If you're honest with yourself, what's Fallout 76 endgame right now? Seeing how quickly you can down the SBQ with magic weapons or a full bloodied build? Watching Tyr and Captainoob kill SBQ in 30 seconds or less? Trying to get that (probably duped) B/FFR Fixer, or (probably duped) B/E Gatling Plasma? What actual gameplay difference does that make for 90% of mobs? For two years, Fallout 76's endgame has been brutal overkill, with most of us hopping around like lunatics, blowing up everything instantly, first with TSE, then with B/E.

I've brought 3 new players to the game and do you know what made them give up? Realizing that endgame was just acquiring an unyielding set, a bloodied weapon, and changing their build to stealth commando. Realizing that they had to stack all the damage perks and tweak their build to do so. Realizing the perk card system and all of it's flexibility didn't matter, knowing 90% of legendaries didn't matter. Feeling like everything special they'd enjoyed so far was meaningless unless they could jump around in stealth and 1 shot 99% of enemies.

Without a damage re-balance, how could Bethesda possibly release meaningful endgame content if all of us are just destroying it within seconds? If they tune content up to bloodied levels, everything will become a bullet sponge except for those who have hyper optimized bloodied builds. That's how you REALLY kill a game: you make it impossible to enjoy except for the vocal, top tier minority.


This is a bitter pill, but an absolutely necessary one, and throwing a tantrum over it shows that you only enjoy 76 when it's your own personal hyper-optimized wonderland, at the expense of the broader game and broader player base. If Bethesda is to balance 76 and release meaningful new content, they have to change how damage works. Enemy HP can be tweaked, enemy armor can be tweaked, but fundamental changes to damage calculations must take place first.

And take heart. Enemies in new content now drop the ammo used on them, so even if they take 2 seconds to kill instead of 1, your ammo is being refunded to you. EXP will scale better now with One Wasteland, so if you kill 7 mobs in 10 seconds rather than 10, the exp difference will be negligible.

This will make the game better, for newer players and old, for new content, and for future improvements to balance.

For some of you, who define the game as your personal playground in which to shave microseconds off an SBQ kill, I suppose this represents an unacceptable nerf. And while I wish you could see it differently, to that vocal, butt-hurt minority I say;

bye Felicia.

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    Sep 08, 2020 12:14 am

    Defend it all you want but no. The whole point in the high damage on bloodied is the compromise you take on having low health all the time. So. No felicia. Nice try though.

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