The dark builds: Creating truly powerful characters

fallout 4 - The dark builds: Creating truly powerful characters

This is best once you've played through normally. Requires Far Harbor at the very least.

One problem with Fallout 4 if you play it enough is that every high level character begins to converge in terms of skills/abilities. What I mean is that higher level characters start to all play the same after level 150 or so, because you'll tend to have most of the same popular perks and the best weaponry and armor, etc. Obviously, for most people that's not a problem, because without trying to level you make it to level 35 or so by the time you beat it, and level 50 is where the entire perk "tree" is opened up. Still, if you keep playing the same character and grind and drag out the storyline and sidequests it's not too hard to get level 100+.

Another issue is, simply playing it through enough times you wind up with the same problem, even if your don't grind to a high level. It just gets boring.

What if I told you there's a character build that plays very differently than what you're used to? To boot, this character has a 2x damage multiplier on every attack and is "immune" to radiation.

You can create this character from a traditional build as long as you haven't finished the Far Harbor add on by siding with the Children of Atom, and wearing the Robes of Atom's Devoted (given to you after you find the night mother and gain entrance to the compound)

Complete the main far harbor storyline siding with the COA and destroying the town of Far Harbor. Optionally, before you do that, make sure to have the Far Harbor town attack Acadia. Anyway once the town is in ruins, report back to the COA Confessor/leader, you will get a perk (named one of two different things depending but it's the same perk)


Once you've done that, equip these robes of atom's devoted you were given earlier, and then go under the submarine in the COA compound and soak up some rads. Drink the water, etc and try to kill yourself with radiation by fully maxing out your meter (you won't die).

You are a glass cannon because you can't wear armor except some weave on your robes but your damage output is now doubled (it gets higher the more irradiated you are up to 2x) and radiation can't hurt you anymore. Go play in the glowing sea. =). Note that your health isn't visible unless you go to your pip boy.

Not enough? Let's go even more out of the box with this build.

Collect junkie weapons, max your SPECIAL attributes and then get addicted to every drug in the game.

Your damage output is now insane. If you're playing in survival, you can be a cannibal for one extra addiction and further damage increase.

Finally, if you want to be extra strong, and you have Nuka World, collect the No Caps Rage SCAV! (#5) from Dry Rock Gulch and spend all your money until you have none. The less money you have the stronger you are.

With this character, and good offensive perks like Grim Reaper's Sprint and the Four Leaf Clover one, you will be unstoppable.

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