The day I became friends with a scorched beast… And then wasn’t.

fallout 6 - The day I became friends with a scorched beast... And then wasn't.

So there I was, fresh level 50. Gear was okay but nothing to sing and dance about. I had heard tales of the All rise, a lovely 2 handed hammer that was strong and weighed next nothing at all. As if I was Thor and the hammer was Mjolnir. So I began set on fixing Watoga's robot problem… Few robots, how hard can it be.

It wasn't hard until I had to defend that damn terminal and I popped in the tape the first time, in the distance I saw a scorched beast ruining someone else's day. I couldn't help but think: This is a bad omen.

The Mr Gustys were ruthless I tell you! RUTHLESS! Started with one, then 3 and then I couldn't even count! Lasers and bullets everywhere! Oh the horror as I fell the first time, then the second time, third time… on my fifth death I couldn't help but think "I am a mere mortal, Weapons of gods are not for me." But one final time before I cry for help I thought.

The sixth time was different, I think the game began to get bored of me and on all things holy I swear to you… 8 Mr Gustys spawned right always. One being a 2 star legendary and another being a 3 star legendary. I thought about just giving up and jumping off but not a moment later I hear a screech "Sweet baby Jesus no!"

The scorched beast was done with his prey before and it seemed this tower was his next target… But I wasn't the prey. The badass, mutated bat thing began to sing it's songs and rip the robot scum apart. I cried with joy as I saw mental flying every where, them robots stood no chance and I am sure I saw the rainbow road open up as the last Gusty fell and the timer completed. I saw the All rise pop on my screen. FINAL IT IS MINE.

I turned to the beast to thank it, give it an offering and I am sure… I tell you… I am sure it winked at me… a sweet smile as if theu had been misunderstood this whole time and the possivly we are the real monsters… then murdered me. Cold blooded murder.

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I'll never forget you Slayer of Gustys!

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