The difference 20 years make

fallout 6 - The difference 20 years make

There is something tragic about seeing your favorite video game franchise from your formative years, the kind that's made by fellow passionate nerds with a philosophical undercurrent, the kind that forces you to make hard choices and forges your moral compass, being bought out by an unscrupulous company and then slowly watching it degenerate into Disneyfied corporate crap aimed at the lowest common denominator …

Case in point:


Fallout 1 (1997): nuclear weapons have turned the world into a barren, miserable wasteland, over a war on fossil fuel. What's left of mankind has mostly become insane and/or horribly deformed, while the rest is barely surviving. You're sent on a mission out of your sheltered Vault, your choices matter, and you will have to face their moral consequences at the end of the game.

Fallout 76 (2018): NuCuLaR weapons are LIT, FAM!!111 ????????? aLsO I fUkK yOuR mOm

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