The Douchebags Farming Caps Off of Players in Workshops Have Ruined a Big Part of The Game.

fallout 3 - The Douchebags Farming Caps Off of Players in Workshops Have Ruined a Big Part of The Game.

For those of you who don't participate in the workshop system very often I'll include a brief description of how the gamey tactics above are employed. As soon as you claim a workshop you are open to immediate full pvp as soon as someone contests it. This means that if you are building in a workshop someone can fast travel in and kill you for your full level's worth full of caps. It is not as big of an issue on lower level characters as the reward for engaging in this behavior is lessened. Once you're worth a few hundred caps a pop though, you will no longer be able to spend any time in workshop mode without exposing yourself to significant risk.

It's not just limited to in workshop pvp though. A common tactic for empty workshops owned by high level players is to place a custom marker on top of the player, contest the workshop to flag them for PVP, then fast travel and kill them to get your caps. Players are using the above strategy to make caps quickly and buy better PVP gear, to in turn keep making caps. Even without being geared for it, it's not hard to find a person in a vulnerable position and opportunistically kill them before server hopping. I am ashamed to admit that in my frustration after the last time it happened to me I found another server and regained my caps doing just that.


There are a few easy ways to fix this that don't remove the PVP aspect of workshops.

  1. You have to choose to defend your workshop before PVP can be initiated. If you think they're just trying to goad you then you should be able to concede the workshop without a fight.

  2. Fighting over workshops should not involve caps changing hands on player death. Maybe to prevent a battle of attrition make it to where you can only try to retake the workshop so many times before you're locked out for an hour.

I used to spend hours just building up pretty much every available workshop on the map. I'm not talking about resource wise, I decorated them until I was out of budget, removed clutter, and played with the wiring for the collectors until it looked the way I wanted to. Now that this is the new cap meta I have had to completely abandon what was at launch the most enjoyable aspect of the game.

Before you ask, yes this happened to me again earlier so I may be a little more salty about the subject than usual, but I think the points I made above still stand. People aren't fighting over workshops, they're just using them as an excuse to fight.

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