The economy in FO76. Bethesda please read!

fallout 6 - The economy in FO76. Bethesda please read!

Ok…So as we all know the economy in FO76 has gone crazy. Just a month or so ago you could easly get TSE for a few thousand caps. Hell I used to sell AAE faster fire rate handmade for 5k!

Now here's the problem..

Any economy no matter how small needs several things to be stable and function correctly

Resources to trade

Currency to trade with

Access to trading platforms so sellers can reach buyers

checks and balances

FO76 has non of those things!

So caps are the supposed currency in FO76 and admittidly some things can still be sold or purchased for caps but not the interesting things. Those only go for TRADE and there's the problem.

Just like any real world economy the standard currency has become so inflated it has become almost worthless causing people to resort to a simple barter system however with people always trying to trade up (of course) this causes caps to inflate even more

we have all seen many many post of people bidding 75k or 100k for a weapon or armour piece.

This rapid inflation is caused by a lack of checks and balances. In any open market the best way to make sure your item sells (if multiple people are selling the same or similar items) is to lower the price not increase it.

With traders trying to undercut each other in order to sell this keeps prices at a realistic level and the rule or supply and demand keeps the item price up ( CHECKS AND BALANCES )


however with no central trading platform or auction house it is impossible. Player vending is only going to make the situation worse because of MAX CAPS! another stupid idea.

The notion of MAX CAPS may be a server stability issues or (More likaly) it's a way of keeping caps low in an attempt to keep prices on items low, however this does not work as you can have multiple account all the 25k. The idea of restricting in game currency but having a loophole is a rather uneducated solution.

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The FO76 economy may be virtual but the people who play it are real which means it functions exactly the same was as a real world economy and has to be managed and built like it.

When rapid inflation and currency devaluation set it it's next to impossible to recover it – history tells us the only way to repair it it's to wipe the slate clean and start again

If not then we will continue to be subjected to items being sold on eBay for £25 -£45! Seriously £45 for a sentinel assassins set?? People are happy to call out Bethesda when they try and make money from a game they spend millions developing (repair kits) but nobody cares about Dupers ripping people off??

If everyone say no to the massive prices they they will come tumbling down! never going to happen though.

Oh and a 10% tax on vending items…people will just increase prices to compensate! duh

What are your thoughts?

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