The Endgame should be faction warfare.

fallout 8 - The Endgame should be faction warfare.

I'm just going to get right to it. Who knows, maybe this will go somewhere and I'll finally re-install the game and enjoy playing it like I do desperately, DESPERATELY want to. I have no idea if it's been talked about before in detail, probably has, just wanted to get this out before I forget everything.

The Endgame content is faction warfare. Each faction has a "home base" that acts like a secured hub for members of its faction. This CAN be attacked for large rewards, but is typically guarded by much tougher NPCs. Anytime this is attacked, a message is sent to members of the faction, giving them a " defend XX area " quest. Capturing and holding workshops would boost monthly or weekly rewards based on how much junk or whatever was collected, maybe make some of these workshops boost the HQs defenses or the defenses of other held workshops. Leaders would be chosen in these factions based on the faction itself. The raiders brawl, BOS have to see who completes a quest the fastest, etc. Maybe it's decided by level alone, and those are the tiebreakers giving players more incentive to want to "grind out" those extra levels. I'd also like to see faction benefits that aren't too outlandish, but appropriate. Maybe Raiders are allowed open PvP at anytime, or can loot specific aid items or ammo from people they kill. Maybe the BoS gets a specific of PA that's slightly better, or a perk to improve energy weapons or PA usage. Not sure what we could do for the Responders/Settlers but it should be just as useful or impactful.


If there's anything I learned from playing PvMP LOTRO back in the day, it's that a map where you constantly fight against other players is almost always more interesting than raids and such where you can and will eventually learn the mechanics.

Known or expected issues:

  1. Too heavily focused on PvP. I think pacifist mode should disable PvP completely, and have a cool down timer for turning on/off. You cannot forget that some people simply do NOT want to do PvP and their voice and opinion is just as valuable as any other. These bases and workshops would have NPCs guarding them that these players could fight, or maybe they fill a -non-combative- role in the faction.

    1. Broken rewards system. It seems inevitable that the reward system would likely have people taking advantage of it left and right, but I would also argue that the main goal of this game shouldn't be to collect XYZ, it should be to PLAY THE GAME.
  2. Smaller factions/non associated players get bullied. Another unavoidable thing. There will always be the "top faction" with the most players with the best gear etc etc. But those people can't be on every server, at every camp. They said they wanted us to shape the game world, and this would be pretty interesting.

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