The extent of which Bethesda is out of touch with the community is just sad

fallout 3 - The extent of which Bethesda is out of touch with the community is just sad

The community says “fix SBQ crippling” 3 months ago. It still hasn’t been fixed

“Fix adrenaline!” It took weeks

“Fix the ammo machine!” You just shifted the problem

“More endgame content!” You keep adding in more daily grinds to fill the void of no endgame content

And with one of those grinds, a TIMED one, the auto completing challenges are going to potentially force some players to pay their way to the end that they should’ve been able to earn fair and square by completing their challenges.

And then FINALLY, a new endgame event that you hyped up for weeks, that was already delayed once, was delayed again on the DAY IT WAS SUPPOSED TO FINALLY RELEASE. Come on people

“More camp building pieces/options!” They remove 2 major ways people got creative with their camps.

Now you’re making us build the brotherhoods base for shitty rewards in the short term(presents loot table) and shitty rewards in the long term(collectron/outfit/beret)

Somethings gotta change about this. If the game keeps taking one step forward and two steps backward, you’re not gonna have any players left to support it and it will inevitably shut down.


Stop giving us vague answers. Stop telling us something’s being delayed with little to no warning. Stop telling the community “we’re working on a fix,” then take weeks to implement it. It shouldn’t have taken weeks to fix adrenaline, the queens crippling should’ve been fixed a long time ago, auto completing challenges should’ve been fixed already, and I’m sure there will be many more to come. I just saw a post earlier today with a huge list of bugged weapons, and TONS of them had been that way since launch. So, to be honest? Bethesda is doing a terrible job at managing this game. They’re either lazy, incompetent, or they just don’t care about us, as long as we’re filling their pockets with money. I GUARANTEE you that they’re putting way less effort into the game than they should be, with the amount of people who buy atoms and/or fallout 1st.

I don’t know how they could solve this. I don’t know if there’s even a way, and I don’t know if bethesda cares enough. But if nothing changes in the way they handle this game, I’d say it has 3 years left, at the max. Tons of people play this game every day for hours, and it’s like getting a huge slap in the face every time a new patch comes out. I have 800 hours in the game and I’m getting sick of it, I’m sure many others who care about the game are as well

Yeah yeah, I’m already expecting salty comments calling me a hater so throw them at me. I don’t care

Edit: one of my worries is, like one of the comments here says, they could take the game offline at any time. Considering the way they’ve handled everything so far, I think they would rather shut the game down than put in the time and energy to make it an actually good game that can maintain medium-high player numbers and generate enough revenue for them to keep working on it.

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