The Fate of the Overseer?(Fallout 76)

fallout 2 - The Fate of the Overseer?(Fallout 76)

So here I was, just wandering the wastes like anyone out here in the post apocalypse. I look up my pip-boy to see what I could do to see that I had one mission that I had for a while now. "Overseer's Mission" it was called, been collecting her holotapes for some time now, collected all but one it seems. I was close to where the last tape was located I figured why not, ended up in the Mountainside Bed and Breakfast, nothing but them commie-bots crawling around so nothing serious. I did noticed the bloodstains on where the tape was located on, it was old but there was a lot. Enough to make Atom squeamish from the sight.

Upon playing the tape, it seems that the Overseer had a run in with one of the Molemen, and with what they usually carry around I'm surprise she made it out in one piece, or at least to get out here. Now I don't know much about Molemen, but if she had crossed paths with one of them, she either came across a patrol near the area or walked a good mile with a belly full of lead and leaving a blood trail behind her since the only place I know of that has Molemen lurking around is Blackwater Mine up north of here or somewhere eastwards?

At any rate I looked through the house to see if I can find a body, as well as loot whatever I can grab, stash box is getting full and Adam bless me to give me a heaping load of plastic. But other thank some scrap and commie-bots, there was no body? With all the blood I've seen here, it seems to be enough for one person to bleed out. Not to mention she didn't had a stimpak with her and sounded like she wouldn't be going anywhere for a while much less having this place be her final stop. With all these creatures running around in the waste, I figured that she must have been picked up by one of them for food or something, so is the cycle of life.

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I later returned to my base of operations, put up my stuff and repair my guns and what not, till I heard something outside. It was a Scorched, damn things finally found me here. Strange enough my turrets wasn't shooting at it, did my turrets break while I was away? I decided to come outside and handle the situation myself and head to the thing myself to kill it. I took out my rifle and aimed, all while it stood there in the dark night under the pale moon light. A quick bullet to the chest and it was down, didn't even put up a fight or a growl. I went up to the body and noticed something.

It was wearing a jumpsuit, a Vault-Tec blue jumpsuit with the numbers 76 on its back, and guessing on its figure it was a woman. As far as I can recall, I've never seen a Scorched wear a Vault-Tec jumpsuit much less one from 76…I then recalled the noise I heard outside, it gurgled out two words "Never Alone." Could…could this be the Overseer? People of the Vault had tried to find her but by Atom I'd didn't think we would find her like this. I felt something inside of me, I don't know what it was? Remorse, pity, satisfaction, I couldn't say. But I will say is that if this is the Overseer, then I'm glad she's in a better place. She's with her loved ones now, she didn't want to live her life as a monster and I'd like to think that she sought me out to put her out of her misery. I'd also like to think she gave me a faint smile before I shot her, giving her peace at last. May Atom guide you to your final resting place.

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