The Fun Of Helping Other Players

fallout 7 - The Fun Of Helping Other Players

I’ve played since beta I’ve loved the game the entire time. I’m now almost level 200 and I don’t really have anything to do left in the game I have all the quests done other than a few annoying ones. But one my favorite things is seeming a low level in need and giving them some gear and food and water.

About one week ago me and a friend were playing and he needed food and fusion cores and I needed some 45 so we take Poseidon, Munitions Factory And The Food Plant left of Flatwoods. He finishes with Poseidon as I’m taking Munitions and heads to the Food Factory as a level 7 shows up there and takes it. My friend start to take it but doesn’t fire and messages the guy if he can use it and the level 7 decides to fight back then my friend being an idiot and a jerk kills him a few times and hops out of his power armor. And he dies to the level 7 (at level 151) because he has no armor so I show up and kill him as I though it was a higher level once I realize it’s a level seven I invite him to the party and start giving him some low level armor. I gave him some deep pocketed leather armor and a shielded suit while my friend gives a hunting rifle and some outfits along with ammo and we help the guy level up to level 15 throughout the day and part out separate ways that night.


Just the other day I was with my Discord Group and we had just hit a record for killing of the queen and everyone met up at the camp we have down there and level 31 player requests to trade with me I think “maybe it’s a second character or account” I go into the trade and he has a 15 ski sword and level 20 hunting rifle as his only weapons. I back out of the trade and immediately go to a weapon work bench after messaging him a very bad written message of “Don’t leave I give better wep” He was very confused but I make him a level 30 fully modded Hunting Rifle and I invite him to a party he joins and gets his mic working after a little while. I hangout with him though the whole day doing quests getting xp and getting him caps we kill about another 10 queens as well along with getting him in the enclave and getting him to general so he can join me in a silo so I can help him finish the I Am Become Death Quest to finish off the enclave quest line. Today we got him to level 50 and got him a full power armor set. He is currently saving for a good legendary hunting rifle and gauntlet/unarmed weapon.

I would love to hear some of your guy’s stories of helping out new players 🙂

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