The future of the Fallout world based on my chosen endings from the games

fallout 5 - The future of the Fallout world based on my chosen endings from the games

Just as a little background, I'm going to dive in to the future of the world in my opinion after Fallout: NV and Fallout 4 and what happens in the upcoming centuries based on the endings I chose and put it all together. Remember, this is Fallout we're talking about and there are many endings, so this is only my personal opinion of what it would be like. Everyone is by all means entitled to their own.

New Vegas: In 2281, the Courier kills Mr. House and takes control of the New Vegas strip with Yes Man by his side, driving back all rival forces from Vegas. However, the Courier's rule is cut short when Yes Man overthrows and kills him two years later, in 2283. Meanwhile, the NCR, struggling from their defeat at the Hoover Dam, is in chaos and disrepair, is almost certain to fail. Realizing this, former General Lee Oliver runs for office and successfully is elected President of the NCR and begins to slowly bring back the Republic to its former glory days, ridding it of corruption and restoring a trusted government. Yes Man's leadership of an independent Vegas begins to crumble and chaos has ensued. The newly reformed and prosperous NCR, realizing this, launches a successful invasion of Hoover Dam and the Strip, overthrowing Yes Man and officially annexes New Vegas and the Mojave in 2285. Caesar's Legion and the Brotherhood of Steel on the west coast is swiftly obliterated. The NCR annexes the former United States up to the Western half Midwest border line.

Fallout 4: In 2287, the Sole Survivor (Nate) destroys the Institute with the Minutemen, and declares war against the Brotherhood of Steel. The Minutemen fire their artillery at the Prydwen, killing everyone on board and thus destroying the Brotherhood of Steel for good. Paladin Danse is left alive by Nate and comes to realize that the Brotherhood did not stand for what he truly believed in, so he joins the Minutemen and becomes a high ranking member. The Minutemen, now being the dominating power in the Commonwealth and having the population behind them, forms a strong alliance with the Railroad with an agreement to protect all synths and give them the same rights as humans. In 2288, one year after the events of Fallout 4, the Minutemen establish the New England Confederacy, a similar governmental to the New California Republic on the east coast, with Preston Garvey being elected the first Prime Minister after Nate decides to step aside. The newly established NEC annexes the entirety of the East Coast over the span of five years, including the Capital Wasteland (Washington, DC) as well as the Eastern half of the US up to the Midwest border line (next to the NCR).


With the remnants of the Brotherhood of Steel and other major factions all gone by 2295, the NCR and the NEC's relationship is tense. Both 'countries' have both by now become superpowers and are quickly rebuilding off of what was the former US. Technology is still very underdeveloped, but production and a whole new Industrial Revolution in 2310 have produced many pre-war technologies instead of relying on them as post-war civilization has been up until now. Drastic cleanup efforts have been made by both parties and restoration of pre-war buildings and cities have begun. Ghouls have been officially recognized as humans and are no longer discriminated against based on their mutation in both countries. Super Mutants and other dangerous creatures such as Death Claws and FEV mutants are eradicated as they pose a danger to the progress of humanity and are all officially extinct by 2330. In 2354, the NCR and NEC have begun peace talks to cool down their tense relationship since the establishment of the NEC 66 years earlier. After months of successful talks, the two countries finally agree to unite and become the United States of America, rewriting a constitution replicating the original and reestablish the capital in the newly rebuilt Washington, DC. States and commonwealths the same as the old world are established (minus Alaska and Hawaii). In 2438, 128 years after the restoration of the United States, the country has created technologies rivaling the level of the Institute and the quality of life among U.S citizens is at an all time high since the Great War. By this time, cars are a common sight. Over the past century, nature has restored the former wildlife of the old world, with many trees growing back and a giant increase in population of nearly-extinct pre-war species. By 2550, 473 years after the great war, a pre-war status in the United States is regained and the average American quality of life rivals it.

If you would like me to make a Part 2 to this, let me know in the comments 🙂

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