The hacking problem in Nuclear Winter (PC) has gotten so bad it’s time we do something

fallout 2 - The hacking problem in Nuclear Winter (PC) has gotten so bad it's time we do something

I basically stopped playing Nuclear Winter about a week ago but before then I was playing everyday for 4-7 hours a day. I'm not even going to touch the other issues with the game mode (lack of map rotation, half-empty lobbies, early start exploits, etc) because this one has gotten so problematic I'm genuinely puzzled as to why it has yet to be addressed by Bethesda.

In several games now I've had a random on my team admit to not only using hacks, but explain the type of hacks they use and how they work. I had a speed hacker flying around the map (in the air) wiping squads. His reasoning was "so people will take videos and send to Bethesda. IT WILL GET FIXED QUICKER." This player is still around today. Not only are these players actively admitting to using third party software to cheat in Fallout 76, they're bragging about it now. Kindly, sit on a cactus good sir.

Another person in my Discord server openly admitted to using wall hacks because "everyone else is doing it." He even went as far as to name the website he purchased his hacks from. Unfortunately this player was swiftly kicked from my Discord server. I say unfortunately because this person wasn't a toxic player by any means, I just refuse to play with cheaters.

After playing 76 for over ten months now, Nuclear Winter is the most balanced form of PvP currently in the game & WAS the most fun 76 had to offer by far. However, cheating (and lack of content) has since destroyed this game mode. In a 52 player lobby you're lucky to break 35 players at any time of the day (with lobbies more realistically being around 20-25 players). It's truly unfortunate but I have to be quite honest; it's far more frustrating. I understand that Bethesda is hard at work on Wastelanders but are we supposed to believe this is going to continue for another 5 months before being addressed…? You're going to have two dead game modes on your hand very soon. I'm looking at you Survival Mode…


Not only are players cheating in you're game but through duping they're making insane amounts of money too. Why would I mention this…? Because these third party software companies have installed key loggers on all the cheaters systems. This is fact. The key loggers have led to many accounts being hacked and items being lost. Normally I'd laugh at the cheaters losing their stuff but there's some serious money to be made here. Just take a look at the most popular consumer to consumer selling website and see what's going on there. $1,000's being made in a couple week period. On a side note, I wonder if these swell fellows are claiming this on their taxes…?

I truly care about the Fallout series and have always given it the benefit of the doubt. I'm just going to chalk this up as Bethesda's inexperience running an online service but from an outside perspective it looks very bad. I'm pretty tired of it at this point… The fact that I have to start kicking people I enjoyed playing with from my community due to my favorite developers inability to add an anti-cheat is disheartening to say the least. I understand that the servers are already unstable but if Bethesda has time to add & monetize private servers they have time to add something a modder could accomplish overnight. This needs to be talked about. Not in six months, not in a month, but at the latest within the next two Inside the Vaults. From the bottom of my heart, please fix this…

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