The Historian Documentary: Documents 10-15

fallout 2 - The Historian Documentary: Documents 10-15


I've seen these buggers around alot in the Ash Heap, and a few in the Savage Divide. Apparently, rumor has it that people say they were child workers, as some of them have toys when they are looted for ammo and guns. Some say they were regular people who got caught in an unfortunate event, and mutated and fused with their suits.

A bleak remnant of Appalachia's storied past, the mole miners are a mutated form of human that make their homes in the many caves, mines, and above-ground mining locales of the region, trapped within their deteriorating mining suits. The mole miners are frenzied combatants who attack anything they perceive as a threat. Despite their suffering, almost all of their cognition and human-like behavior remains, with mole miners frequently carrying things they considered important in a previous life, such as keys to their old mining lockers.

I have found there is one Mole Miner, which I've grown fond over over the years. She seems to be non-hostile, and friendly towards me and others. Apperently she runs a small shop called the Rusty Pick, in which I found out the hard way that she wants miner scrip, which are these little rectangular metal plates with some decor on them. She loves this stuff for some reason. But in giving her about 100 of them, she game me a WW2 Era German MG42, that apperently had a better receiver that made it fire faster, and the bullets exploded as well, which was pretty good. I went back again and again, and she always gave me random weapons, some of them are good, others are less then good.

Other then that, that's all I could find on Mole Miners at the moment. I'll see if I can… "Dig" up some more. Pun intended.


Chinese commie bots that were deployed by air during the days before the Great War. They were used to carry out stealth missions and spread communist propaganda. They are relatively easy to destroy with a few well placed shots if you know what you're doing.

A Liberator is shaped like an artillery shell, with four panels around the sides that can be extended outward from the main body and used as legs for movement. The top end of the Liberator conceals four blades that allow it to perform slashing attacks or glide short distances, crashing into its targets. The Liberator chassis is painted two tones of blue with a red star-emblazoned around the machine's eye.

The body is labeled "醉龍尖" meaning "drunken dragon point," a reference to the machines' erratic flying attack and extendable hidden spike. Its eye is capable of firing a weak laser and it often vocalizes in Chinese when attacking. A Liberator can also fly into the air and pull its legs in, lunging at an enemy to attack with its central spike and the spinning blades hidden in its chassis.

Liberators are fragile enemies that pose little threat. However, they are small and fast, which makes them stealthy and hard to target. They can attack at range with their laser or close in on a target, jump up and slice with the blades concealed in their chassis. Their short height makes it easier for them to evade detection, though they cannot attack enemies that are behind even moderately sized obstacles. Liberators are usually encountered in groups.

If you see any of these, make sure you kill them. The less there are, the better. I'll keep looking and seeing what I can find.


The Scorched Plague is a devastating mutagenic infection that ravaged Appalachia between 2085 and 2102, wiping out nearly all human life in the region save for those sheltered within Vault 76. By 2103, through the efforts of the Vault Dwellers of Vault 76, the plague's inoculation had been distributed to nearly all Appalachians, including settlers, raiders and the Brotherhood of Steel, halting the spread of the disease to humans.

Scorched are lethal. They are nothing less than an existential threat. If we cannot find a way to defeat them, or at the very least contain them, there's no reason to think they won't spread far and wide, transforming or destroying everything in their path.


The process of being turned is just disturbing.

The plague starts with a series of intense physical changes in its victims. At first, the victim's skin will darken, and smell of ash. Eventually, intense burning lesions begin to form all over the infected body, which would appear to be smoldering. After some time, the victim's skin will split open, exposing their reddish-pink flesh and the strange presence of green ultracite crystals that break up from beneath their skin. At this point, the infection has fully taken hold of its victim, transforming it into a member of the Scorched.

All in all, stay away from these creatures, and either make sure you scout the area, or have friends with you to watch your back.



Deathclaws… a rather interesting species that can be found within the wasteland. I've traveler's around America, and gave seen quite a lot. Very deadly creatures. Long sharp claws able to cleave a man in two, hide thick enough to reflect lasers entirely, and a ground shaking roar that can make any man or woman shake in their boots.

Deathclaws are the results of a pre-War experiment that involved creating a mutation of the Jackson's Chameleon, along with several other species, to use as weapons on the battlefield. They are strong, agile predators that will attack anything on sight. Their long, sharp claws are capable of inflicting great, oftentimes fatal, wounds, hence their name.

I've noticed a few things about them as well. The deathclaw has a substantial level of natural armor and is resistant to damage on their dark, scaled parts, leaving the belly as a weak spot that takes increased damage. However, due to their hunched posture, this is difficult to hit. They can dodge gunshots and zigzag while charging the shooter, making them even harder to hit. Their size makes them ungainly in uneven ground, which can be used against them. Their inability to climb or jump renders their close-combat style useless if attacked from high enough ground.

Use any rifle or heavy gun that hits hard, and aim for the chest and stomach if you can. If not, aim for the head, and hit hard. I once heard a story of a man who killed a deathclaw with three bullets. One in each eye and the third to the brain.


Fog crawlers are believed to be a species of crayfish that had gotten mutated from the mist of the Vault 94 explosion in what is now known as The Mire.

These massive crustaceans may not have a ranged attack such as the Mirelurk Queen or Behemoths, but what they lack in range they make up for in their high speed and deadly agility in combat. They have two giant mantis-like claws attached to their main forearms that can cut down a steel rod in one fell swoop if they have it at the right angle and force.

Not much else is known about them, other then their speed and deadly claws. Being covered in thick, chitinous-like armor plating would make one assume energy weapons are bad. Dead wrong. Surprisingly enough, Fog Crawlers are weak to energy weapons, as I've come to test and experiment with. Any ballistic weapon won't do any good, but if it has armor piercing, you can deal some hefty damage to the creatures.

Other then that, I'll see if I find anything "fishy" with these crayfish


Power armor has been around for ages. With the resource crisis severely limiting the ability of the United States military to deploy combat vehicles, especially tanks and other types of armor, it began research efforts to create self-powered combat suits in August 2065. Mechanized cavalry units provided with them would retain the mobility of a soldier moving on foot while giving them the ability to use heavy weapons with ease.

Research proceeded rapidly. While early prototypes were unsuccessful, lessons learned in the process paved the way for future advances in military sciences, construction, and fusion. The most important achievement of this early stage of research was the development of a fusion cell. Crude, but effective, the design was unveiled to the world in the summer of 2066. It further strained Sino-American relations, after the United States refused to share its crude oil reserves with the Asian superpower.

T-45 was the first to be produced and used. Then T-51b became the main power armor used by the military. T-60 was supposed to replace the T-51b power armor, but the bombs fell and halted the process. The X-01 was an experimental suit made by the Enclave, which in all honest looks nice. Ultracite Armor was made by the Appalachia Brotherhood before they died off. There is Raider Armor that was made from scraps of metal and other parts, welded together to become a makeshift suit of decent armor. The EX-17 Excavator Suit, or commonly called Excavator Armor, was introduced to Appalachia from the Garrahan Mining Company in Febuary 2077.

That's a bit of backstop behind how we got out power armours!

You stay safe out there and remember read up on these documents if you ever need help or wanna read up on some lore to the game.

Ill be making all of these into a full on Lore/Guide/Tip book you can all read for anything you need. I also need help coming up with some lore ideas as we go along. The next document will be all about super mutants, so be prepared for a lot of good lore, tips, and strategies.

Sorry I haven't posted and have to do a 5 document mega post, but I have been busy with college college also on vacation.

Stay safe and cool out there dwellers.

Sincerely, The Historian


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