The Irony Of Steel Dawn’s New Gear

fallout 4 - The Irony Of Steel Dawn's New Gear

When Daily Ops became a thing, and the War Glaive was the big, dangling special prize, it worked for player engagement. At least it did for me. Did the Ops every day for a month and a half for the plan, then did every single possible event and daily with a possible legendary reward afterwards to just maybe get a legendary War Glaive roll or at the very least hoard scrip for mama Murgh. Finally got an Anti Armor + swing Speed glaive from Murgh, that beautiful mutant. The process took me about 2 months, and that was with rolling 2-star legendaries to maximize the number of legendary rolls.

The obvious intended design is to increase player engagement with a hard-to-get reward, then increase it even further by having them do more events and dailies for that reward's finalized result.

The problem however is that doing this process for the new gear is HARDER to get due to the reward pools diluted with more crap, and for the most part no longer feels worth it because the process of getting the plan is by far the worst part about this engagement process.

I hoarded 20 nuke keycards in anticipation for spam SBQ with that juicy guaranteed 3 star reward, and then immediately lost all my drive to do that when the new gear plans became Daily Ops RNG locked and not gold bullion bought or as quest rewards. Fuck. That.

Now, i'm less motivated than ever and no longer really do anything except scrip some hoarded trash legendaries, Elder complete an Op that gives me nothing i want (usually no rare reward at all), and maybe Ward's daily before i'm done for the day after a total of maybe 20 minutes of playtime. I would definitely be spamming events left and right, firing off nukes to beat up SBQ, and doing every single daily just for their legendary reward chance IF I HAD ANY DESIRED NEW PLAN TO DO THEM FOR. If Bethesda thinks that locking their cool new stuff behind layers upon layers upon layers of rng retains engagement, then they're dead wrong because they put way too many layers to possibly motivate anyone to engage in that. Having layers of rng is fine, but the acceptable amount has greatly been exceeded.


Hell, they made this WORSE despite crazy amounts of negative PTS feedback since some of the new stuff used to be tradable as long as they weren't modded. But…NOPE, NOT ANYMORE. How on earth does this do anything but lose the goodwill of the playerbase?

I'd be fine with the new stuff not being craftable as legendaries if the plans were at least easy to obtain to then motivate doing more events, dailies, and scrip farming but noooooo, that would make sense. The glaive plan sucked to get with Ops but the process of obtaining it afterwards was fun. By extending the worst part of that process so much, it becomes too borderline impossible to get the plans and thus too borderline impossible to get a reason to do all of the events and dailies anymore.

In other words, the new gear plans are so impossible to obtain that player engagement is discouraged rather than encouraged. Since no one gets the new plans, or at least not the ones they want, no one gets any new reason to do events and dailies for legendary rewards. And because they have no reason to do that, they do the bare minimum, log off, and do literally anything else.

Seriously, they got everything right with Wastelanders with the gold bullion system reviving event activity so why go backwards?

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