The Issue with Stealth

fallout 2 - The Issue with Stealth

I'm making this post because its about something that I don't really think is talked about enough, or perhaps it isn't made clear on how it works in the game. Stealth. More particularly the bugs that shroud it. If you're playing 76 with a stealth build, which, for discussion sake will consist of 3 stealth, escape artist and 3 covert operative or 3 ninja (dependent on the build). Then I'm sure you've noticed a few strange bugs that come around every often when you're fighting enemies. These bugs are infuriating mainly because they completely destroy the purpose of the build.

Whenever you do a sneak attack on an enemy their health will always go back up, not entirely but enough to notice and to have an actual impact on the fight. For people who don't know why it is happening, it's because the enemy is already fighting another enemy. Be it against another player or another creature. This is rather infuriating as it limits the stealth class build to a solo only build unless the player is in a team that is all doing stealth, even then it could go wrong, such as if two groups of enemies are already fighting each other. Now, this can be dealt with by waiting for the fight to end, but that's already waiting too long, and could cause a possible loss of loot Please find a way to redo stealth so that it's a viable build to play as for solo as well as in a team that isn't entirely made up of stealth players.


Another bug I want to talk about is when a player gets put into DANGER randomly and is stuck in it. For a stealth build, which basically relies on stealth crits this is just annoying as all hell. Being forced into a position, no matter what conditions the player is in, which would restrict the player from doing what they're build is made is just bloody frustrating. There is a way to fix it, whenever I have encountered it I usually just sever hop. But for that to be a requirement to attempt to fix a bug is just wrong. Granted I haven't encountered it recently, but I have heard from a few players that the bug still lurks around.

These are just a few bugs around stealth that have been around for a fair while now. I've been reading through the posts and honestly couldn't find that many that talked about stealth bugs. I'm hoping that this will at least get people talking about them. So that hopefully they can be addressed and dealt with soon.

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