The longevity of 76 has me excited.

fallout 4 - The longevity of 76 has me excited.

Bethesda games are notorious for having an enormous amount of replay value as it is. But regardless of the game, there comes a time when you decide to take a break, or at the very least, cut down your play time with the game. This is where I think 76 will truly shine.

The online aspect of the game instantly adds even more replay value to what looks to be a jam packed game full of everything you would expect from a Bethesda game.

World Events will probably add more replay value than you think as well. Giving the rewards you can get from them, I'm sure players will gladly participate in them endgame as well.


The map is HUGE. How many times have you heard someone say "I have 2,000 hours in this game and find something new everyday!" With this massive map, that will still apply.

With mods and private servers coming later on, the replay value will obviously sky rocket even further.

Speaking of adding content, the road map for this game is pretty long as well. FREE updates for years to come. That means we will get MORE of EVERYRHING I just mentioned plus other things.

We always get our money's worth out of Bethesda games. But my goodness, the value we're getting with 76 is off the charts.


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