The minutemen could become the strongest faction.

fallout 5 - The minutemen could become the strongest faction.

I believe the minutemen have the potential to become the strongest faction.

First let’s look at what they already have in game. The minutemen are led by the Sole Survivor, a pre-war War Hero who could very well train the minutemen troops to be a Wasteland Army. On top of that, another key figure of the minutemen is Sturges who is perhaps the greatest mind in the commonwealth. The minutemen also have a strong HQ in the castle, especially if making use of the tunnels and repairing the walls. Within the castle they have access to their own radio station to transmit to their troops across the commonwealth. The minutemen also have an armament of howitzer artillery and a vast amount of power armor if salvaged from the surrounding areas and their fight with the brotherhood. If all dlc is bought they now have a possible new HQ with Vault 88. And they can build robots. They also can now build factories with wasteland workshop. And have a possible storage location with the mechanist’s lair. After their fight with the brotherhood they have at least one vertibird at their disposal and using Sturges could probably find a way to repair the other few vertibirds found in the surrounding area. They also have a base far off the coast st far harbor allowing them to expand their each. But perhaps their biggest two assets is that they have almost complete support of everyone in the commonwealth. And post-brotherhood and institute fights, they are now uncontested in the area and can consolidate their power.


Now let’s look at what they could do to become the strongest faction. When fighting against the rust devils, there is a underground military bunker that has around 12 seemingly unscathed tanks. If the minutemen hijacked these they would now be the only faction with working tanks. They could also recruit the mechanist to be the head of their robotics program. Also there is a couple working boats in the vicinity. If they seized these along with the USS constitution, they’d now have a fully functional fleet that they could retrofit with mini guns and other artillery. With time and training they now have the firepower to annex all the settlements in the commonwealth. And I speculate most settlements wouldn’t even put up a fight against it. They’d be free to turn their eyes towards Boston. After a while I think they’d be able to clear out the Raiders and Mutants from Boston and secure it. They would have the largest settlement on the east coast. Then they could most likely incorporate the railroad into their Intelligence Agency.

What do you guys think?

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