The Miracle of Upgraded Ratings

fallout 5 - The Miracle of Upgraded Ratings

So, yep, you stumbled into another “people don’t like muh FO76 game!” Thread, you silly silly redditor… /s

Joking aside, and dumb title ignored, quick semi-funny observation. Ever notice how Bethesda games always upgrade their rating among the player base when a new one comes out?


Oblivion comes out – “meh, not as good as Morrowind, it’s really not a great Elder Scrolls entry”

Skyrim comes out – “oh damn, this sucks, it’s nothing like Oblivion, it’s hardly playable”

ESO comes out – “what is this crap, why would they change so much from Skyrim to now? I’m going to just go play Skyrim, screw this”

Fallout 3 comes out – “it’s honestly trash, it’s too different, too cheesy, can’t roleplay”

Fallout 4 comes out – “well this is the worst thing that’s ever happened, why can’t we roleplay more like Fallout 3?!”

Fallout 76 is announced – “yeah, I’m jumping ship, can’t even do this, it won’t be as good as Fallout 4”



Mel Brooks once said in an interview that his movies always got great ratings, just the ratings were always one movie late… “yeah, this movie is alright, but it’s nothing compared to his last one”.

So, to any Bethesda Devs who may happen to stumble into my humble thread of poorly done satire… I suggest you immediately announce and tease a totally new Fallout game as quickly as possible before 76 launches so as to guarantee 76 gets the ratings it deserves!


For those who wonder, yes, I’m kidding. And yes, I left out New Vegas on purpose, no it’s not for bad reasons. New Vegas had REALLY bad reception at launch, like maybe worse initial reviews than some of the crap thrown at 76 right now, but they fixed bugs quickly and now that game is one of the more popular in the franchise. Anyways, I’m out.

TL:DR – it’s a bunch of poor jokes, if you don’t have the time to read them, chances are you have better places to be and this isn’t worth being late. Go out, live your best life, have a great day, don’t let id*ots ruin it for you out there.


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