The most fun I’ve (we’ve) ever had in a game, the scary thing is it can only get better.

fallout 7 - The most fun I've (we've) ever had in a game, the scary thing is it can only get better.

I'm lvl 168, over 300 hours played and I can say without a doubt, it's the most fun I've (we've) ever had. I'm not you avg gamer, I'm 46 years old, retired 25yr Army vet. I have 4 kids from 11-21yrs old. We are a "gaming family". In my "Man-cave" we have the ability to play on 3 systems simultaneously together and still watch the Cowboys play :). For the last 8 days all the kids have been home and we have done almost nothing but game. My 2 oldest and I have been teaming Fo76 about 8-12 hours a day and I'm horse, my throat is killing me and my ribs hurt from laughing so much. We have played Minecraft, StateofDecay, Diablo3, 7d2d and countless other games together but NOTHING has come close to giving us as much fun as this game has. I could write for days telling you stories of the fun we have had but instead I'll touch on somethings I think the game does really well and some things the game needs help on. I'm not doing some fancy youtube video but I assure you I've got more hours played than 90% of those guys who just keep recycling the same old stuff to make their own video.


– The map is huge, even at 168 I'm still discovering new areas. There are sooooo many things to see, things to do. For my first 75 levels I never did more than 5 missions, I just walked the world and explored.

– The game is beautiful. Granted I'm on a "modded" XB1 with a 4k TV, it's one of the most visually satisfying games I've ever played. The colors from one location to another are just mind blowing. The first time I walked through the cranberry bog at night was mind blowing.

– Multiplayer is almost perfect. The ability to team play and not be forced into the same area (State of decay) works really well. If you haven't played in a team yet, I highly recommend it, it will completely change your view of the game. It adds so much when you can communicate with other players and actually form a plan as to how your gonna take down a room, a building, a workshop etc. It's also a game changer as far as PVP goes. I can;t tell you how many times a much higher level player made the mistake of griefing my lower level son to only have me come around the corner and crush his dreams.

– Camp build. Last night I got an atom reward for moving my base so far 75 times. I absolutely love the fact that I can up and move my entire base in a matter of minutes. I also love that I can drop down just the essentials on the edge of a nuke zone for quick use or take an hour and build a fully functional home with beds, toilets, appliances.

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– Missions. As i said before, I really didn't do many missions until around lvl 75. This does have some advantages I guess in that I can handle pretty much anything now but it also has some disadvantages I'll touch on later. I absolutely love the missions. The "rose" missions we're fun, the enclave missions are great, I'm "almost" not missing the fact that there are no Human NPCs. I find that the more I actually get involved in the lore of the location and the story, I'm not missing human npcs.


– Pro and Cons

– The Perk system is good. I like the fact that straight out of the gate I can't drop 15 points in strength and steamroll everything. I like the fact that I gotta put in the time and effort to level up and get those cards I want for my build. I like the fact that the patch now allows me to move points and rank up cards based on all the effort. However, the current perk system makes it almost not worth starting over a new toon to build a different character type. At the level I am I can and have ranked up every card I would need for a melee build, heavy weapons build, sniper build, sneak build and mutated build. With Skyrim, I have at least 6 different characters, all a different build, I don't really see a need for this in fo76. I have a 2 mule characters that carry all the different armor builds for each of the above toon types I mentioned. My highest other leveled toon is 20 and I really see no reason to play anything other than my main.

– The camp build, I know i mentioned it above in the pros but I really think it also has some cons. The budget is too small. If it increased with level then that would be a great incentive to keep playing. It's almost impossible to use everything I'd like to use in my base and still provide it adequate protection. I also want to be able to display my stuff, bears, gnomes, bobble heads, etc. Give me 1 shelf that I can actually put stuff on. I also would like it if 50% of the time I move my base blueprint dupes itself which then requires I scrape everything in it in order to put up my original design.

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– Cons

I could beat an already dead horse about the bugs, glitches, and server drops but I won't, you've all see those videos and read those post. I agree with most of those reviews, for a AAA game this game has a BUNCH of issues. Yes we we're promised a LOT with this game and it hasn't met THAT expectation, but ultimately for me the game was worth every penny and then some. I hope with time it only gets better. I hope they eventually fix the dupe issue, a raise in levels and gear to 60 would solve most of that problem but please don't introduce new gear or levels till you've fixed the dupe problem or it will only get worse.

I'll end with a protip on server drops. I play on XB1 so I'm not sure is PC or PS4 has this feature. When I've been in a game fro longer than 5 minutes the folks I come across in that game can be found under "recent players". When I get dropped from a serve that none of my friends are in I can usually just go to recent players and join on one of them. This works about 80% of the time for me. I've even used this to mule equipment to another character.

Well, that's my review. An overall amazing game that for me was well worth every cent spent and I hope only gets better.

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