The Musician. [a short story from the Wasteland]

fallout 5 - The Musician. [a short story from the Wasteland]

P2fdiUP - The Musician. [a short story from the Wasteland]


He was hiding from a group of gouls that were patrolling in the vincinity of the small shack the was originally taking refuge in.

Not for long though because as he tried to reach for a screwdriver on top of a shelf he didn`t pay attention and so it happend that he shoved a can of yellow paint from a nearby stack of tires. It seemed like watching the can tumble in slow motion and the clanky noise it made was soon overtoned by their gargling screams.

Seconds later he found himself in a panic, not knowing what to do. Stressed and frightened he looked around in the shack.

"if i don`t leave i will die"

that thought became louder and louder as he grabbed the door handle and with a deep breath and determination he opened the door and started sprinting…

While he reached the woods he turned around and saw the pack of gouls still running after him. "They look like a bunch of angry drunks" came to his mind while he hid behind a tree watching them trying to run up the steep hill and as they tumbled he was nearly sure that he was safe.

With shortness of breath and a dry mouth from lack of water and his stomach growling violently he finally reached the three tents further up the hill. The sun was setting fast and he started to feel the evening cold crawling up his legs. He wasn`t very well equipped. No weapon and his old ragged jeans and college jacket wouldn`t keep him safe for long. He needed a plan. Carefully searching every inch of the tents he finally found a pack of bubble gum and some soap.

"well it ain`t nothing"

He started chewing slowly on the gum trying to contemplate what to do next but sleep came soft and sudden and so he found himself in that tent hours later, somewhat well rested after the exhausting events of the last day.

He got up and opened another strip of bubble gum that he slowly chewed on while he made his way down the other side of the hill. Sun was bright and there was still some of morning fog left, which would`ve made for a great scenery if only the world would still be a world to live happily in. A world were people would have the time to appreciate such beauty, instead of living in constant fear.

He let out a cough while he spotted the vault tec university not far ahead and somewhat motivated to better his situation he moved on. Walking down the road he passed the fraternity houses and let out a giggle. "I studied here" while shaking his head to lose the smile and to refocus he remembered that he found the frat people cringy most of the times. But he wasn`t walking amongst them anyways back then. He studied fine arts, music being his mayor. So he was the opposite of a "frat boy"

"hell my parents hated me for studying music, and i did so too in the end".

He realized that nothing he learned here was of use for him now in this harsh environment.

"i can`t serenade gouls…can i!??"

He felt tears in his eyes and in an attempt to shake them he sped up his walking pace until he found himself sprinting. He ran down the street next to the main building on campus and jumped a fence behind it. totally determined to leave this memory lane. Anger was what he felt now and with anger he tried to jump another fence, got caught up with his pant leg and fell, head down first onto the pavement next to the tattoo shop.


Defeated he couldn`t fight the tears anymore and let them stream down his face as he rolled onto his back.

He was useless, afraid and not destined to live in this world. He was to soft, no even able to hold a gun, let alone stand up for himself and so he layed there in self pitty for a good while as finally his growling stomach tore him out of his own toughts and back into the world.

He got up and realized how lucky he was… AGAIN! His old miners helmet had a huge dent that was originally ment for his head.


He stepped towards the door of the tattoo shop and opened it, the door making a squeaking sound and as he was inside, reaching up to turn on the lamp on his helmet he noticed something very faint.. it was.. music?!

Extremely concentrated to find the source and quiet were his steps towards the old rusty nuka cola machine, as he noticed that the music got slightly louder.

"hm,there must be a room there" and so he searched the place up and down, ripped posters of the wall and even found a can of dog food that he ate. Without thinking to much about it and even more important .. without smelling it!

"this is nuts" … he kicked the nuka cola machine in a whim and the door sprung open, revealing some stairs that lead to god knows where. His steps were a bit shaky as he slowly went down the stairs and to his suprise there was .. a bar?!! a secret bar?! what the ef!!! He took off his helmet to light the room more precisely and scratched his head…

"this is .. well.. surreal, given the circumstances"

And there was the source of the music he had heard. A jukebox. With firm steps he walked towards it and turned it off. "best to hear if someone walks down these stairs, better safe than sorry." He doubted that he would be able to defend himself in such a case but still, it made him feel a lot safer.

Still trying to grasp the situation he continued to light the room until his heart skipped a beat…

"is..is.. is that a PIANO?!!"

He immediately felt his hands swarming and his mood lightened.

"its not like im going to survive for long anyways so let this be the last thing that i do"

He laughed as he sat down on the stool in front of the piano, carefully placing his feet on the pedals and slowly laying his hands to rest on the keys and with eyes closed he began to play, first slow and reluctant but soon faster, rushing through the songs he had in mind, the smile never leaving his face.

thank you for reading 🙂

disclaimer: I`m german and it could be that my grammar or english aren`t really up to par but i felt like writing this after i discovered the nuka shine quest and made that screenshot. Since i`m a lone wanderer i had a lot of fun fabricating that story and maybe if i come across some more ideas in the wasteland i`ll write some more and post them if they fit in this sub. Let me know if that`s okay.

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