The new cult of the moth, now recruiting.

fallout 76 discussion and inform - The new cult of the moth, now recruiting.

A paper is found duct taped to your camp.

To all dwellers of vault 76, we would like to welcome you to our revived chapter. While the old guard is long dead and gone. The new guard is here, your brethren from the vault welcomes you to our new… following.

We know the view of our little circle, but well all things considered We mean no harm. Like those frat boys and girls of the nukashine we are here for the party. And as such we would like anyone willing to join to come, bask in the glow of the mothmen.

To join, all one needs to do is find us, a member should be able to supply spare robes, and if not. Well we will try to leave a spare set in the mothman museum. One you have your robes, head to the land view light house, eventually the old guard should teach you how to summon the wisest of our benefactors.

From there, it is up to you how deep you go. For to truly see the ways of the mothman, one needs to bleed a none believer. Note this is not telling you to kill them, though if they are one of those assholes who turned Whitesprings into a nuclear wasteland we will not oppose that, that was the only place to get good food in this hellhole.

From there show your blade bloody to a tried and true member and you are in. Buffout and Stimpacks supplied at discretion of the one who you follow into the cult, if anyone.

To the enclave and BoS revivalists, hey don't shoot us its a freaking hellscape out here and we all had to launch a damn nuke on a giant bat, and it didn't kill the freaking thing. Let us have our chems and our fun. We spent 25 years in a vault, when we came out everyone is dead, and quite frankly I am tired of dealing with this crazy I will spend the next 25 years high as a kite if I want to, Also please stop trying to shoot my deathclaw I am tired of fixing her bullet wounds, and who ever lost their power armor helmet to her, I am not replacing that.

Note I don't expect anything to come of this, I was bored and decided to write this up. It was going to be part of some "wastelanders" Idea, but well I doubt that bethesda would add sub factions.

While I would love to have the mothman cult come back as a player driven thing. That would require more work then I can do, like for one getting a lot of people to agree on a standard code and how to go about doing this with in game Roll play. Sadly 76 rarely has roll play, as it is mostly combat focused. And the only time that will change Is wastelanders.

Eh screw it here is the idea.


Return of the mothcult

Info: this would come with wastelanders, and would have three locations drasticly changed, those being
Lucky Hole mine - The new cult of the moth, now recruiting.

https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Lucky_Hole_mine ,
Gauley Mine - The new cult of the moth, now recruiting.
https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Gauley_Mine , and https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Kanawha_County_Cemetery

The story would start with players heading to Gauley mine or Kanawha county Cemetery. there they would be greeted with moth cult members with a unique under armor that is made out of mothman scales and a unique mothman version of the wooden armor (quest reward though a blooded version is atomic shop).

When the player talks to the first cultists they will instigate a dialog which explains the cult. The revival is explained to have two different sides, the radicals who believe and watch over the interloper, and the more casuals who just want to enjoy the end of the world with all the chems they can make.

From here the player can either join up or start shooting them as crazies, if start shooting them the three locations will be hostile and leveled accordingly warning lucky hole mine has members in full bone raider armor with sacrificial blades.

Though if the player likes to see the more morally loose side of the wasteland they will be sent to land view light house to do the daily there, said daily will have a unique instanced version where the player starts it by activating something in the basement, and heads back out to a unique version of the area which is instanced.

In this version of the daily quest they only have to get 20 of the Bioluminescent fluid but they have to do it while under attack by a ghostly mothman which tries to kill the fireflies before the player turning the ones it kills into ash.

Upon completing the quest the mothman will land at the bottom of the light house blocking the player from exiting the building until they talk with it.

Once the player talks to it, they will be given a message "Welcome, guardian, protect the eggs." Before blacking out. This will have them play the get out of bed animation at a random point near the light house back at the actual version of the area.

If the player tries at any point to leave the instanced version the hostile mothman above would knock them out failing the quest and requiring a restart.

Part of the flock.

After completing this and returning to the point you started at the cultist will welcome you to the flock and give more information as well as a plan for a unique pipe pistol called mothclaw. Said pistol like the fixer or the gutter has a legendary effect in this case it is a two shot radioactive pipe weapon. Can be crafted up to the max level of pipe weapons.

From here the player can take quests to get unique armors, camp items, and work their way up the ranks.

Like the scouts this would be a slow grow not something you can bang out in a week mostly because they require you to do eight tasks to prove your worth, four of those are to take specific chems and kill a creature while on them. The hardest being take buffout and kill a deathclaw with your bare fists, note powerfists are allowed…. or guns if you give the guy 500 caps.
Once all eight daily tasks are completed, the player is given another unique weapon this is a handmade called light bringer, this is a deadwood looking handmade with a strange black mist coming from it. It has a unique effect called "moths light" which boils down to explosive + chance to call in a mothman to attack your target. they will not attack scorched.

Also after completing them you will be allowed into the deepest parts of Gauly mine, where you will see the wise mothman, which you can speak to. Said mothman will promote you to Guardian of the eggs.

Guardian of the eggs

This story line actually has you crafting mothman eggs for your camp. And doing several things to set up a landing zone nest, and defenses. From here you gain a new "crop" mothman eggs, these respawn at midnight in game time with a minimum of 1 hour between spawns. But you get 6-11 dud eggs which can be used for food.

This story line has you once again doing more daily quests for you, including two which can come from the wise one.

Scorched cleaning: A mothman has fallen to the scorched, head to X location and put them down for the safety of all. For the mothmen do see what is to come and the scorched can not continue to have that knowlege.

chem fiends: A group of cultests has gone out to worship the mothman, but a vision of hostiles is upon them. Head out and protect them. Has you protecting two level 5 or 15 cultists in the forest or ash heap.

You also have the main story line which will revolve around helping to stabilize the mothman population and doing your own research into their origins. While they kept it hidden in the past it must be known, for do to it many a cultist has failed to understand the warnings.

Note: the mothmen speak in a cryptic talk, easy to understand for most but they do have an interpreter there for the players who suck at riddles. Tho said translate is depending on which of the three there are is condescending towards you (gauley mine), high on pycho so angry all the time (cemetery), or on mentats and thinks they are smarter then even the mothman (lucky hole replaced as part of the story)


After doing the story bits you are promoted to seer of the interloper. for getting this far, you get a unique set of wood armor that you can craft called dark woods. No legendary effect just a really creepy version of the wooden armor accepts the same mods and well looks like haunted wood, though the arms do have goat skulls as pauldrons. Was going to suggest inbuilt weightless and increases AGI by 3 if you have the full set but I don't know if it is possible. (Full run down of idea at the bottom.)

The seer of the interloper

Basicly the priests, this quest line has you going to lucky hole mine, and talking to the high priestess. Most players will be in for a really big shock here, as she is well a ghoul and a ghoul who has replaced an arm with a tree branch that she some how can use as a normal arm.

Here the player is shown the interloper and a sacrifice of a scorched, the body falls to the floor and seems to disintegrate into the floor until only bones remain. The player is then given an option. Stay with the mothmen and the lesser of the worshipers, or join the true cult and purge the plagues of the wasteland.

From here the player passes this quest no mater which option they take and get a craft set of Marine armor, called moth guard. Said said set requires mothman wings and has a unique feature on its chest which is weightless with a "moth flight" said ability is just a double jump, plays the same sound effect as the mothman statue with a bit of the fog effect from the fog machine.

IF the player advances in the cult they get a continuation of the storyline which has them eventually sacrifice another wastelander. Though they say it can be a scorched if they can stun one. To do this quest the player is given a mesmetron which is basically a gama gun that does 1 damage and stuns none player enemies for 3 seconds.

After the player gets their target. (hit with weapon then run up and hit action.) them and their target are "time jumped" to the mine where the target is killed like the scorched and the player gains some reward. (never planed on posting this so didn't think of the final reward). And the quest ends with the cave shuttering a bit, the priestess telling them they are one of many but more is needed but each can only bring one.


rare weapon and armor plans.



type: bolt action pipe pistol, pipe pistol, pipe revolver

unique effect: radioactive light

effect info: two shot, radioactive.

differences from standard: looks like it was made out of the same dead cursed wood as the effigies. sights are made out of hollow branches, and glow sights glow a strange yellow that pulses.
craft note: no inbuilt mods, cross mods with other pipe weapons


type: handmade rifle

unique effect: light bringer

effect info: explosive, calls in a mothman to attack target on critical hits. (max one in area at a time, so multiple players can only have one total.)

differences from standard: blackened wood, bayonet uses the cultist dagger (and as such requires a different material), suppressor spews out black smoke when you fire the weapon, NV scopes have heat vision instead. (only shows outline on reptillian enemies.)

craft note: default has a drum mag, long true barrel, bayonet, and true stock, with glow sights. Like all mothman items sights have a strange pulsing yellow glow.

Dark Woods

type: wooden armor

unique effect: haunted night

effect info: each piece has the weightless legendary, at night +3 AGI and +2 perception if the full set is equipped, which includes a helmet.

differences: same dark wood with strange haunted looking branches as any other mothman cult item, has goat heads a pauldrons, and they legs have human skull tops as knee pads.

craft note: NA, can be made shrouded though.

Moth flight

type: marine armor

unique effect: mothwings

effect info: like all mothman armor each part has weightless effect, the chest has a unique misc mod called moth wings, which puts two mothman wings on the back, allows a double jump (mod can not be crafted only found on this armor. but can be removed.)

differences: the armor is darker, has the same strange pulsing yellow markings on it that the guns have on their sights. Unlike the sights though they are in in the images of runes and moths/mothman.

craft: all start as welded with ultra light, except the torso which is welded moth wings.


type: gama gun

unique effect: stunning view

effect info: stuns hostile targets for upto 3 seconds taking damage removes the stun, the down side is does not damage. IF you hit another player their screen goes black for 1.5 seconds. Has a 2 second re fire time meaning you can't keep a player stun locked.

differences: is technicly a unique weapon, but you can put gama gun mods on it which will remove the stun effect and add rad damage, large dish for example cracks its screen.

craft: technicly a unique weapon.


C.A.M.P items


Cultists crafting stations

info: crafting stations made out of tangled wood similar to the mothman stuff in the atomic shop.

cultists turrets

info: standard turrets but their base and clamps are different, made out of wood and bones. (are just skins.)

Mothman laying sight

info: a crop that requires a lot of work to place in teh camp, once per in game day give 3-11 mothman eggs, holds upto 30.

Mothman landing zone

info: in lore it is a pheromone that shows the mothmen where it is safe to land. In game play it is an invisible marker that shows up a a yellow vial with an outline in camp build view.

function: a wise mothman may some times spawn at it, allowing anyone to gain its XP blessing for 15 minutes. said mothman doesn't move and will jet into the sky after it gets "bored" (Random timer), can be placed inside. at which point the mothman will vanish in a clout of scales instead of just taking off.

Chem turret

info: a syringer turret that applies an effect, five types ranging from ones that cause enemies to take bleed from other hits. to ones that spawn bloat flies from dead enemies (bloat flies are none hostile.)

bleeder turret: deals only 1 damage, fires a syringe that causes those hit to take 25 bleed damage from any other hits from any other weapons.

frenzy turret: frenzies the enemy will change targets after hitting a target.

explosive syringes: deals 25+5 to each limb of the hit target, basically a weaker faster firing missile turret with less cost.

bloat fly nest syringer: if the target dies with in 10 seconds of being hit spawns a level 5 bloat fly that does after 1 minute.

cult surprise: all the above, at random.

chem turret note: unlike standard turrets with the exception of the explosive syringes, turret swaps target after each hit, only staying on one target if there is only one target.


end note: man this is long. I only expected to post the first part then went screw it and posted the whole thing. IF anyone reads this thing in its completion, you earned something at the least.

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