The New Player Experience Is Vastly Different Now

fallout 3 - The New Player Experience Is Vastly Different Now

As someone who's played since beta – I feel the new player experience is totally different now. Back in the early days (beta and just at launch) there weren't level 100+ running around, Whitesprings wasn't constantly in a post nuked stage, and everyone was still learning the game. There used to be a bunch of people in the early areas like Flatwoods and in Morgantown, and people would do some of those events together (like the Mr. Farmhands and Mama Dolce's).

The first time I tried to kill feral ghoul golfers, it was in a virgin Whitesprings and even then I still had to go it slowly at the golf club. The next time I tried this with another character, I was mobbed by high level post nuke ferals and had to just abandon the idea, plus finding 10 golf ferals in the post nuke era Whitesprings even when I could deal with them was a challenge given how farmed the Whitesprings has become.


And I'm thankful to be one of the early ones, to have experienced the game world in a lesser state of development, because things have truly changed since the Reclamation day/game launch. And I'm not sure if this later game experience has watered down somewhat the awe of discovering the raw and untouched Appalachia I and the other early players got.

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