The newbie FO76 experience: from bad to good.

fallout 76 discussion and inform - The newbie FO76 experience: from bad to good.

I gotta say, so far, the community has been the most unexpectedly good part of this game. Here's my best experience thus far.

Yesterday, after finally hitting level 15 and doing a happy dance, I wandered up to random rail station and found plans for pocketed raider armor and the pocketed raider limbs for sale and the vendor bot. The plans were 575 caps each and, in my noob like mind, seemed like the best thing to buy since i just hit 15 and i would, since my armors had reciveced new leveled versions of themselves at 5 and 10, need to make a new set of armor since I'm level 15. With great gusto I spent, literally, every cap that I had been collecting since I started on these two awesome sets of armor recipes.

I then ran outside to someone conveniently placed campsite, since I had 0 caps and couldn't afford to move my own, and tried to make the super-duper-awesome raider armor. It was at this point that I realized that, instead of teaching me how to make raider armor with pockets in it, the recipes that I spent, literally, all of my money on only taught me how to put pockets on raider armor. Raider armor that I don't have the base plans for. I also notice that, unlike at levels 5 and 10, I've got no new armors to craft at level 15.

Major bummer.


So I pull some bulk materials out of my stash and go sell stuff until i have the 12 caps necessary to call my camp to me so that I can surrender to my frustrations and log off for the night. After selling my stuff I step outside to i notice 2 level 100 plus player standing at the other guys camp, waving me over.

Fully expecting a violent death to top off the experience that I was having at the time, I wander their way to find a loot sacks sitting on the ground in front of each player. Inside one bag sits dozens and dozens of plans, from chairs to shelves to, literally, every plan needed to make a full suit of combat armor. In the other bag sits hundreds of rounds of ammunition, missiles, plasma cells and even a mini-nuke.

I never noticed the names of either of those high level people, as I was too busy trying to figure out what all those plans even went too, but I hope that this message makes it to their attention.

Thank you, kind souls, for making my most depressing experience in this game also my favorite!

And thank you FO76 community for fostering such a wonderous playerbase.

I'm sure I'll get murdered and chain t-bagged by someone now, since I'm bragging on you all right now, but I am sure that that moment wont be nearly enough to make me forget that good that I've seen so far.

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