The next Fallout game should be based in Florida

fallout 1 - The next Fallout game should be based in Florida

Florida would be a cool and unique place that we haven't heard too much about in the fallout universe. I don't know how many people have said this since i'm very new to reddit and i have no idea what i'm doing lol. I live in Florida so i have interesting ideas on what they could do to make it stand out. The whole environment itself would be cool to see in a post apocalyptic world.

First off, where in Florida (specifically), would this game take place? I would like to see it take place in the Tampa bay area. There would be 2 large cities in this game compared to the typical 1, such as Boston and DC. The city of Tampa would be in the bottom right hand corner of the map, serving as 1 of the 2 big cities. The other city would be the St. Petersburg/ Clearwater area, which in the wasteland would be called "The Peninsula". These cities are divided by, well, the Tampa bay. In the top right would be the less populated typical florida area where you would start the game, and the top left serving as a harsh, dangerous, and highly irradiated marsh, where heavily mutated creatures and higher level enemies are found, maybe some sort of interesting group could have inhabited the area. (If your interested in the map and don't know much about Florida literally look up the Tampa bay area and it pretty much outlines the map.)

The story of the game would be different than other fallout games. This story has a lot of holes and isn't finished at all but is just the basic plot of the game. (I should say that i have never played fallout 1 and 2 so i hope this isn't closely related to either). Your backstory: you were in a small group far north, maybe in the DC area, that ran you out of the group for not agreeing with many of their new rules and laws. With no reason to stay in the area, you search for a new place to settle down. You've always seen postcards of Florida being a sort of paradise, so you travel south. Months later you reach the Tampa Bay area, where you arrive in a small town in the top right corner of the map, (where the game actually starts). You're special stats and all that other stuff is given to you by simply talking to the mayor of the town, as he asks you what your like, (special stat wise), and why you journeyed down to Florida. He informs you of a "disagreement" going on south of the town, between the city of tampa and the peninsula. As you make the journey to the Tampa bay, you are introduced to the types of people and governments the two cities are trying to achieve. The peninsula is trying to achieve a fully functioning government similar to the US government pre-war.(Assisting the peninsula is the overall good choice.) Tampa on the other hand, is trying to establish a new form of government, with the mentality that the country will just never be the same as it was pre-war. They use more violent approaches to solving problems, but also more reasonable. (This option isn't bad nor good). After deciding which city to venture to first, you are pretty much deciding whether you agree with the cities beliefs. You eventually go to the other city and learn more about their views on how to make a better tomorrow. These cities will give you quests on how to assist them to achieve an ending to the game. After visiting both of the cities, you are informed of a smaller city south of Tampa. When you visit this city, you learn that there are nuclear warheads stashed beneath the ground. You can decide to side with this settlement, which pretty much just want to blow up both Tampa and the peninsula and turn the area into in inhabitable irradiated hole in the ground. (I like having an evil option, and this is it.) You also complete quests for this city in order to aid them, OR you can use the nuclear warheads and secretly target them at only one city. For example, if you decide you like the peninsula, you can blow up Tampa, and vice versa. In the end you determine the fate of the Tampa Bay area. There are many options depending on who you side with and how you deal with the opposing cities. AGAIN, this is a very incomplete story which i pretty much made up today while i was bored so yes there are many holes and a lot of room for improvement in the story.


Cool locations: This area is loaded with different types of attractions and interesting locations. Amusement parks, zoos, aquariums, and museums. The MacDill AFB, power plants, and creepy folklore. They can obviously add fictional places to the map too.

DLC: NASA would be an awesome place to travel to, maybe even go to space who knows, its the fallout universe you can do whatever you want. New Orleans would be a cool and different location for a DLC to take place. Another cool DLC could be a huge oil rig that was turned into a settlement in the gulf of Mexico.

Creatures: Florida has some weird and scary wildlife. I would like to see spiders added into a fallout game, such as those fat banana spiders i see all over the place. Alligators should obviously be added, as well as maybe frogs and snakes. A cool addition would be to add creatures to water, especially in the marshy area in the northwest. It would be cool to sea mutated fish and sharks in a fallout game, and dolphins similar to the ones you can find beached in fallout 4.

I would like to hear other peoples ideas on how to make the story better or cool locations ad creatures to add. I doubt anyone will read this far but who knows!

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