The Pioneer Scouts of America

fallout 4 - The Pioneer Scouts of America

With the pioneer scouts coming in full force this summer, I thought I’d do some research on in-game lore surrounding the group so far. I searched "Pompy" in this sub, found nothing, so I’ll post my findings here!

Most of this will pertain to how the pioneer scouts might be introduced as an active faction in the coming update, because I’m sure I can’t be alone in wondering how that might happen. If you thought "probably robots" then you’re probably right!


On the 20th April 2077 votes were tallied on who would be the new lead scout after Ricky Stevens was attacked by "an unusually aggressive bear" and hospitalised. One of the nominees was a scout Protectron called Pompy, who had been instrumental in saving Ricky’s life and "destroying" the bear. Naturally, Pompy won, and is for all intents and purposes the current Lead Scout of the Pioneers due to everyone else likely being dead.

May 2077
"Remember scouts, we are the embodiment of exploration — the spirit of America. Exploration is not only physical, it’s social too.it is our goal to embrace everyone, and yes, that includes robots. One day when we’re all long gone, these robots will still be functional and they will carry our memories and spirit into the great future.

It is with great pride that I announce our newest Lead Scout — Pompy!"


The Scouts had a number of events scheduled throughout the year that were subsequently cancelled. These are:
– Fishing Contest
– pie-eating contest – Charity river run – car washing for charity – conservation day – dog show – costume contest – canned goods collection


Given that fetch quests make up the vast majority of quests in FO76, we can surmise that we’ll probably see a canned food drive in the upcoming dlc, as well as potentially a pie eating contest given that we have a sausage eating contest at Camden Park, and a charity river run that could follow a similar check point system as the Fire Breathers training exercise in Charleston.
The others might be possible though are more open to interpretation.

Fun Fact 11

"Guns mounted on dog companions, while popular and useful, cause hip problems for many breeds of canines. Cats do not seem to have the same problems, but they work better with melee Weapons" …… say what?

Fun Fact 12

"When joining a Pioneer Scout hunting team, be prepared to hear: Ammo, Camo, or Cramo. This is a traditional requesst (sic) to know whether you can craft ammunition, camouflage or armoured gear, or just regular foodstuffs.

They need to know what YOU can contribute to the team! Tell them!"

Points of note:

  • The scouts reintroduced bears to Appalachia (fun fact 2)
  • After the success of Scout Pompy, other protectrons were introduced primarily to protect scouts and organise activities
  • August 17th 2077 saw a seminar on the handling of firearms and food preservation
  • After the events in clarksburg, the majority of events were cancelled. However, some events were left in the hands of the protectron scouts, until things change. (Can someone remind me what this referring to?)

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