The Pitt is vastly underated

fallout 2 - The Pitt is vastly underated

This DLC is by far my favorite that Fallout has to offer. I'm going to start with a bit of a tangent as it may provide some insight as to why I have a new reinvigorated appreciation for the add on that I had already loved upon it's release. I've been to Pittsburgh twice in the last 2 years, even though ive been a lifelong Steelers fan. But upon revisiting the environment I can only describe the reimagining of a post apocalyptic Burgh as "spot on". Upon entering you're greeted by the dwarfing bridges seemingly replicating the entrance from Fort Pitt and the feeling is almost identical. You leave the spawn area (which is an amazing area for a firefight in of itself) and go through the tunnel when suddenly the world opens up into a vast view of the city in the background. And the most important part of the city is realized when you walk through the gate and see steel mill slaves working the furnaces and working their fingers to the bone. I've done some research in what made Pittsburgh the city it is today and as many of you know it was once the equivalent of the California Gold Rush with how many people were moving to the city in order to get their feet into the steel trade. It was an important era of the United States and when you walk past the guard and enter the main area it almost feels like the past was brought into post-apocalyptia today. And I'm not sure if it was intentional but all the catwalks in the area feel like nods to the dozens upon dozens of bridges in Pittsburgh. The Pitt brings a certain feeling of dread and dispair that although was found throughout FO3 had never been realized to this magnitude in my opinion. Upon walking in you see rabid dogs picking at scraps on the bridge and slaves running to the bridge by means of escape only to find resistance is futile and it will only lead to their death. Off the bat a man's head bursts and you can hear Slavers in the distance laughing maniacally as if it was a practical joke. Apart from the obvious trauma the slaves are enduring working day and night by the smouldering flames and thick black smoke; It feels like not even the Slavers enjoy their time there unless it's waiting for the next cage fight or torturing slaves. And if none of this was engaging enough you are forced to surrender all your weapons at the entrance of the area, stripped down to nothing more than the clothes on your back (and a small 10mm if you can fit it between your buttcheecks) as you trek a new dangerous place you've encountered. The story itself is quite interesting as well, its nothing that hasn't been told to death by this point as we saw a almost identical retelling in Nuka-World(slave comes to you for help to vindicate a helpless group of good people) … But at the time was new to me at the time and had me questioning the direction I wanted my character to take. Good? Evil? Somewhere in-between? You had choices in this add on and they every single one felt impactful. One of my most memorable experiences in not just The Pitt, but the FO series in it's entirety is the first time you suit up and walk down into the Battle Arena. The voice over is loud and demanding, and he presents the warrior(s) you will be facing. Then shit gets real when the rad buckets drop onto the floor creating a sense of urgency. There's no way out. And you don't have time to think. Kill the thing across from you, and do it quick. Or else you will be the next skeleton to remain behind. Every one of those fights felt high octane and I remember leaning toward into my chair getting ready for the battle to ensue. The feeling if victory was rewarding, the announcer hyping you up and the crowd getting pumped. But I haven't even gotten to my favorite part of the DLC, the Yard. You're explained before you walk through the chain link tunnel that many have gone through but not many have made it out. You've heard it all before and you are certainly not afraid; but that during that walk you see glimpses and hear shreeks from the other side of the cage. Whatever it is, it's fast, and there's definitely more than one. This area is what I want every environment to feel like in Fallout. I was threatened at every turn and had to find unique ways to navigate the place. The scavenger hunt was tedious yet I enjoyed every minute of it. There are so many stories you encounter along the way to finding 100, but the bounty of gold at the end of the journey makes it all worth it. The Metal Blaster is one of, if not my undisputed favorite weapon in all the series. The simple retexture on this already familiar gun is taken even further by the firing pattern when you pull the trigger. A laser shotgun, now that's just badass. I know it's not the perfect DLC and the NPC's are admittedly forgettable but I have so much love for The Pitt and just wanted to share some of my favorite things about it to the rest of you. Where does The Pitt rank in your favorite DLC's?


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