The Plan: Plasma Grenade saga continues – but oh, not for me!

fallout 6 - The Plan: Plasma Grenade saga continues - but oh, not for me!

It is a well known fact that the forsaken Plan: Plasma Grenade probably has the worst drop rate in the history of this game. Yet, it is a fundamental piece for one to complete the Possum: Chemist challenge (you have to craft three Plasma Grenades to complete it).

And so like countless others, I have gone about my daily grind almost religiously, on really a daily basis, for the last (at least) three or four months. Think about it: daily for some ~100 days. Yes, I have watched all the videos out there on the subject, read the reddit posts with hints, tips and opinions, browsed others' maps, etc.

This daily grind included doing all relevant Ash Heap quests, and an almost circular, anti-clockwise motion, around the fastest travel spots containing locked Explosives Crates, and also some unlocked ones. Of course this also cost me dearly, as FT caps were just flying by with all this travel. Oh and bobby-pin breakage galore as well…

I've created new tracking maps, recorded hours of videos showing each spot I checked and the stealthiest methods I found to get to them crates without having to, or with as little as possible, fight my way through mobs to get to them. And have I mentioned the self-control needed to not pick anything from those crates, as to not trigger the cool-down effect? Not doing so would mean that the contents on a mistakenly looted crate would only become accessible again next day – and I just could not afford that! Oh no, no, no…

I've also had to resort to create a keyboard macro to allow me to quickly server hop while searching for the Battle Bots event. I was just so very tired of the Esc-z-Down-Down-Down-Down-Down-Down-Down-Down-Enter-Enter-Enter-Left-Left--Enter-Enter sequence, that I succumbed to it. Note, that last is currently not needed, with Survival Mode now on a hiatus.

I became so over-encumbered with all kinds of ore from Breach and Clear that I just had start dropping it on a regular basis. I will also just say that this quest is sooooo very boring. And that Meteoritic Sword? Why oh why, did ol'beth think it was a good idea to remove the legendary effect from it? At least those (I'm guessing here) 87 swords that I collected during the course of my curse would have meant just that little bit more.

Lode Baring was a welcome distraction, once in a (very little) while. But those Auto-miners Duke, Jewel and Larry, really ought to start auto-repairing themselves. It's not like I don't have anything better to do while exploding away hundreds of Mole miners in the course of this event. And have I mentioned constantly being over-encumbered with Mole miner gear? I just have a sweet-tooth for all that steel, black titanium and copper…

But while all this is happening, I am nagging the hell out of my buddies in our (thou shall not profess the word) voice community software tool thingy. Day-in, day-out, almost every day, really, they kept on joking that I had become obsessed with getting this plan. And while this was fun to begin with, I am sure it was somewhat starting to get on their nerves – almost as much as having my dinner on my desk while going through the routine and them hearing me chew away, with my mechanical keyboard clacking sound overlapping this.


So it was decided: Papacas (not sure he's a user here, yet) was going to help me find the damn thing. Not only by searching, but also by speaking to his trader friends who might just have it. But no, they didn't. And even if they did, why would anyone part with such rare item akin of those now long gone dev-room items of earlier days? I knew this would probably cost an arm and a leg (at least in armour set terms) or some holy grail style weapon, and I told my buddies to not waste anything important on it.

I was also instructed by them to contact some characters out there who might have it, but one in particular seemed to be completely fascinated by whether I had a nice Handmade that I didn't have the day before when they asked me the same question – or the day before that. There are some really strange people out there. So I quickly gave up on that and went on back to my daily grind.

And then yesterday, it happened: Papacas had finally managed to find someone, who knew someone, who knew someone, who might just have the elusive plan. But that someone wasn't entirely sure he wanted to part with it, not unless he was getting well compensated for committing such atrocity: parting with the Most Wanted(tm) plan of them all. Apparently it took the man (my man, you know, my buddy) some serious professional social engineering skills to get him to even consider it. Oh, that and of course, his WHOLE freaking well-prised possession, the Assassin Cavalier armour set that he had so carefully collected and cherished for so many months.

And he does not want anything from me for it. Nada. Just wanted for me to stop whining about the Plan. And he seems to be even more happy than me about it. I just giggle now, as I still can't believe it. And he is happy because he fulfilled someone's (dare I say?) dream.

This act of unselfishness is a great representation of the mature audience we have in this game. The online friendships that get created. The sense of camaraderie that spans generations, where fathers/mothers and sons/daughters get together and we teach young'uns how to be nice to others. Yes there are arseholes out there too, but these quickly get dwarfed with RAOK. Just like this random Danish blacksmith chap who lost his job a few days ago, and just wanted to chat with someone online. And so we did, ran around Appalachia for a while together, and he then offered me some magazines that I did not yet have in my collection.

It's all great and worth it.

And so now I return to my daily grind – I now want Papacas to also get this Plan. But I won't whine about it anymore. So ol'beth, will you please increase the drop rate for it? Let me make Papacas happy too, please…

Yours truly,


(IGN: oldfakie)

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