The players make the game, or how I learned to stop worrying and love Fallout 76

fallout 7 - The players make the game, or how I learned to stop worrying and love Fallout 76

I just want to jump on the love wagon for Fallout 76 for a minute. My first Reddit post so go slow and gentle.

Been a fan of Fallout since 3, but was totally underwhelmed when 76 was announced, I have no interest in online multiplayer, co-op, real time games, I'm strictly a solo campaign kinda guy, I don't want a microphone, I don't want to interact with screaming teens telling me what I already know about my mother. So I ignored the release of 76 and laughed along when the reviews came in, what a farce and good riddance.

But ManyATrueNerd's love for the game showed through in his videos and when the price dropped I thought I'd take a look. Now I absolutely love it and the best thing about it is the co-op playing, people helping each other out, trading/gifting free stuff to lower levelled players, all the random meets and positive emotes, then wandering off into the wildness again, teaming up with strangers and generally being bloody nice to each other. Fuck yes

Then last night after slowly making my way to level 25+ I figured it was time for me to pass something on, so when i saw a level 8 player nearby I made them a maxed out L10 gun and leather armour, dropped a bag and signalled for them to come over. They ran away. I tried again, followed them, emoted to come over, shot at the bag on the ground, jumped up and down, waved. They ran away and hid behind a truck, then jumped servers. Kinda disheartening.


But I think someone else noticed because when i jumped to a new location a L150+ player followed me and offered to trade, my first time by the way, so it took me a while to understand what the hell was going on. He gave me a L30 pistol and invited me to his team, then took me to his kick-ass home and gifted me a ton of L30 stuff: a set of deep pocked armour, guns, ammo, he even repaired some of my stuff and tricked out my power armour. I couldn't believe it, what a guy. I don't have a mic so it was slow and clumsy and at times, but he was super patient.

I heart emoted all over the place, we waved goodbye and I headed over the my camp to wonder at my new toys, but no, he followed me and started dropping cool shit in my camp. I now have a shiny new fusion generator and a bunch of rocket turrets. FuryLion you are my newest friend, my hero and totally made my night. Thank you

Fallout 76 is the best, or rather it's a good game that's finally coming into it's own, with some amazing people playing. I'm hooked and can't wait to pass some good fortune onto another. I've also ordered a mic.

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