The problem is not the game, and it’s not the engine and it’s tools. It’s you, Bethesda.

fallout 4 - The problem is not the game, and it's not the engine and it's tools. It's you, Bethesda.

While Fallout 76 was a project that very few people if anyone asked of Bethesda; as even the fans who wanted multiplayer didn't want Rust-like online only but Co-Op with the same story and interesting characters Fallout was recognized for. I still had hopes that they could turn an online experience into something enjoyable or at the very least unique.

But every mechanic that could potentially have made Fallout 76 a good game was butchered in such a way that there was almost no point to having it in the game, much less interact with it as a player. Not to mention technical issues that any other company with this budget would have long fixed.

I hold the firm belief that Fallout 76's game concept; however extremely rehashed, isn't the problem, but Bethesda's incompetence as a developer.

Yet what could have been a depressing trainwreck to look at for close followers of the rich worlds full of interesting characters that Bethesda omitted on this entry, turned into a glimmer of hope for the FPS open world RPG scene, when Obsidian decided to (very possibly taking the opportunity of Bethesda's blazing dumpster fire) put their new project The Outer Worlds out there and relay a message that to many translated as "You don't have to get it from them."


To many this new game means that Obsidian wants to take advantage of Bethesda's well earned hatred to boost their publicity, to others it means that Obsidian is finally taking on a project they've wanted to make for a while now.

To me personally, this means something I've been wanting since Bethesda first started trading off ethics and values for money. It means someone else is looking to compete with Bethesda in a way that could either take them down or make them start actually trying to make good games, and not quick money because "If it's not us, then who?"

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Obsidian will be building a game that will share similarities with previous Fallout and maybe even TES games. Not because they're copies of eachother, but because it's almost a genre of it's own. And it means most importantly, that if Obsidian manages to make a game lacking of all the flaws that Bethesda never bothered to address even at the pleas of it's fanbase, with the same mechanics and playstyle, the message will be as clear as it can be for everyone:

It's not the tools, Bethesda. It's you.

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