The problem isn’t just Bethesda. It’s also the people playing

fallout 6 - The problem isn't just Bethesda. It's also the people playing

Bethesda has made mistakes, and bad choice. Not saying they haven't. This isn't even a post defending Bethesda.

It's a post about some of the people that post here. For as much as some of you are into the game, you don't seem to be reading updates, patch notes and Inside the Vault, and then getting frustrated.

Since the last Inside the Vault, I've seen many posts about new content. It's coming. Besides the Survival mode, the new PvE content that's going to be added is called Wild Appalachia. It will include new quests and such, it will bring new stuff for camps and crafting.

There's no solid date. The said that Survival mode will be in March. And that the new content for Wild Appalachia will be delivered over several months.

I see lots of posts about a roadmap for the game. Several weeks ago, they said they would be putting out a roadmap for 2019 at the end of February at the latest.

I see lots of requests for the ability to rename objects. That's something they said they will do.

Or the biggest one you see almost every single day. Increase the stash limit. Which they did last patch. Which honestly was sooner than I thought.

It goes on and one.

Bethesda hasn't had the best communication at the start. But they have improved on that so much. But they can only put out the information, they can't make anyone read it, or more so, actually understand it.

Not only that, people's perceptions are very much formed by how much frustrated they get themselves. Almost every week, on Tuesday, several people will start to post about there being no Inside the Vault. They never said it was always going to be on a certain day.


But they have them every week, even though people will post that it's been weeks. Yes some are skimpy. But there's not always a lot to talk about. You just have to accept that some weeks, there's less to talk about than others.

The bottom line is this. They are trying. They aren't getting it all perfect every time. But they are trying.

Maybe some of you need to stop being so entitled and some of you actually need to keep yourself informed.

They always post new information here. Follow these two accounts here for updates and information




EDIT: I am loving how some people who have issues with Bethesda are coming and insisting they are reading the post, but are mostly just concerned with what they want to reply with. Which just makes them examples of what I'm saying about reading and being informed. You seem so angry over a video game that it's hilarious.

EDIT: I'm going to post examples as I find them.

This person wants to know if the Survival Mode is going to happen or what.

Here's someone that didn't read the login screen about the Mothman. Sure I give some room for this one, because maybe he used it to get a tasty snack or use the bathroom.

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