The Purpose of the BETA is for the Dev Team, Not The Player

fallout 1 - The Purpose of the BETA is for the Dev Team, Not The Player

(Accidentally posted this with a click-baity title at first; apologies!)

All of this is obviously personal opinion, and here's where I stand:

As an Xbox user who got to experience the BETA last night for a couple hours, I had a blast! The game was well done, looked amazing, and when I shut my console off I just wanted to know when I could get another taste of the action. That being said: I didn't buy the game just to play the BETA. It's a Beta for a reason, the game isn't completely ready yet. I didn't pre-order the game just so I could play the Beta either. In fact, I was pretty excited to learn that I'd be able to experience the game almost a month early! I've been a huge fan of the franchise for years now and I was ecstatic to see what the next adventure Bethesda came up with would be.


I also understand that the misleading statements from Bethesda cause some ire (playtime, somewhat implying the Beta would be a larger experience than it has been thus far), that is genuinely frustrating. However, I keep coming back to how giddy I am to just get to the play the game before the middle of November. Fallout 76 was a blast last night, but the purpose of that wasn't really for us, it was for them. I greatly appreciate the effort this team put towards getting it's community access to test that game along with them, and I am now even more excited for the full game to launch in a few weeks.


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