The real “end Game” of 76 is finding a way to enjoy it.

fallout 1 - The real "end Game" of 76 is finding a way to enjoy it.

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I play on Xbox One where everyone has a mic so interactions for you may vary

I found this game to be very fun once I got into the factions and the groove of things, despite its bugs and glitches I can see what Bethesda was trying to give us. A fun Fallout experience with our friends and others we meet on our journey, it was a good idea with poor execution, but I looked past that.

I played through the entire game Solo from Responders to Enclave and I didn't see many people until I started the Raiders Missions with Rose, each location I went to I ran into the same person and then another, and another, pretty soon we had 5 people not even in a team taking turns using terminals and workbenches on the same mission. You may obviously not have this luck, but its small things like that that make this game worth playing.


After I finished my game solo I went through it with my friend who was a lower level and I still had a blast just the two of us taking on the wasteland, the replay-ability comes from these interactions and teamwork. I really (dare I say) love this game and think people aren't giving it a fair open minded chance.

I know the game isn't worth $60 and is a complete mess in everyone's eyes but I would like to give some silver lining of this game…

So here's my fun contribution; Most days at dusk I sit on the front porch of my cabin (by Sutton) playing the guitar until someone comes to look at my cabin or play with me. If you ever see me on Xbox One please come up and play with me, my gamertag is "xIzeec".


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