The real reason for a new engine

fallout 4 - The real reason for a new engine

A lot of people talk about performance, about graphical features and such when wanting a "new" engine. While these are all good reasons, who wouldn't want to get rid of to-interior loading screens, I think the most important aspect of the Creation Engine isn't being talked about:

It doesn't do what Bethesda wants it to do.

Bethesda wants to create certain scenarios, but the engine just cannot keep up.

The classic example is the end of Oblivion; you have gathered the might of the major cities and together with this army, you are ready to face the onslaught of the daedric hordes. A gate to hell opens and out pours… about 5 enemies. You turn around to give the signal to your mighty army… and it consists of some 10 guys awkwardly standing around or choppily moving towards the five daedra. Not quite as epic as you'd though it would be.


In Fallout 76 you can launch nukes. They streak across the sky, a bright flash, a giant mushroom clouds and… all it does is change the weather. Is this it? You can launch nukes and THEY DON'T EVEN DESTROY GRASS? Really? Why implement such feature when your engine cannot support it?

I feel Bethesda should make choice: either write stories that can actually be visualised in their engine OR change engine to make their stories come alive.

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