The Real Truth of The Atomic Shop That Nobodys Talking About

fallout 5 - The Real Truth of The Atomic Shop That Nobodys Talking About

First I just want to say I finally read the post that got the reactions, I was wondering what was said. What's very odd is how they said it was all a test, trying something new, and wanted to know what we think. The problem is, you guys are all up in arms about the wrong issue of the atom shop. It's too bad you all couldn't be as vocal about this.

First of all there are two seperate types of cash shops, one for Free to Play games and one for paid games, could even say a 3rd for true mmos(ie wow, eso, etc)

This game obviously applies to the paid game cash shop. For some wrong reason people think this means they can only sell cosmetic items. This is simply not the case. There are plenty of non P2W items that can be sold. I'll get into this later.

The main problem with the Atomic Store was the huge prices of everything at the start. But they have fixed this with sales and cheaper prices of newer things. The new scientist outfit is 500, and the baseball bat skin is 300 as opposed to initial prices of skins around 800 and weapon skins going for 1000. The constant sales that are happening is very good too. But they really need to lower the old prices across the board, those prices are that of a F2P game.

Another major problem with the shop is the constant cycling out of items. This would make sense if this game was years old MAYBE, and there was a lot to buy. But there isn't. I'm back up to 5500 atoms because there is nothing I want that's worth full price, and I'm waiting for a few things to go on sale. There isn't enough to even spend my current atoms nevermind buy more.

They're trying to do things to get people to buy atoms, thats why they have these going out of stock sales, but that isn't going to make me buy atoms. What will make me buy atoms is having MORE not LESS items in the store.

So now we have this P2W issue. But quite frankly, utility is not a P2W issue even remotely. I'm level 155 and at no point during my time playing was I ever remotely screwed by not being able to repair. Maybe ONCE on a scorch beast queen because I forgot to repair before I went, but that's my fault and I still had other weapons to use. Utility items exist in many cash shops I have seen. Sometimes increasing bank space or inventory space, maybe a mount that lets you travel faster which is a huge help at low levels when you are poor.


Let's be clear, the true definition of P2W is that you MUST pay to WIN. There are games that offer greate weapons and armor in the store that beats or compares to the best in the game, that is pay to win. Or gear that can only be obtained after literally 7,000 game hours, that is pay to win.

Utility is a slippery soap, I don't see how a fridge or cooler is p2w, I can craft booze easily, find drinks everywhere, we have water made in our camps its no issue. Animals are everywhere, with carnivore you can eat raw meat, that is not P2W.

Scrapping from the world isn't an issue either, that would be helpful for Survival mode sure, but not losing a few materials here and there and saving you an occasional trip back to base isn't pay to win.

The real issue is all of this tied together. You see, with the sales lately and the price drops of new items I have no doubt in my mind th e atoms are being used and bought more than before but it's still not enough. They don't understand it's the lack of diversity in the store, or 'cool' enough items that is keeping us from spending caps. Instead they are trying to figure out what else can they sell us, and utility items ARE a common thing in stores. But they're wrong. Nobody is going to buy the utility shit because we want actual cool items.

tl;dr Nobody is going to buy the utility items, people will spend and buy more atoms if you add cool things to the store, take community polls and find out what we want, give us more building pieces, there are plenty of things in the game already we can't use in camps. Utility items are not p2w and the real problem is the over priced old items, not enough items in store, and removing items from the store.

Solution: Stop removing items from the store, bring back all items to the store. Have more bundles, have more sales. Have different tiers of items, a simple skin can be cheaper and a complex detailed amazing skin can cost more(normal skin, epic skin, legendary skin) Only seasonal and special event items should leave the store, even then you can keep them there for a higher price until the even/season comes back and put it on sale to normal price then. Utility items isn't the answer, nobodys going to buy that shit and nobody wants it. Start by adding more haircuts and tattoos and other things you don't have a lot of.

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