The reason why everyone hates PvP. Things Bethesda need to change/implement in order to save this feature while keeping both PvE and PvP players happy.

fallout 76 discussion and inform - The reason why everyone hates PvP. Things Bethesda need to change/implement in order to save this feature while keeping both PvE and PvP players happy.

Thank you for clicking into my post!

Please read before downvoting! If you don't agree with me by the end of my post then do as you will.

And please let me be clear, im not trying to say either side is at fault. The only group at fault is Bethesda. Let's get into it.

Hey all,

I have over 3500 hours in FO76 and over 1500 hours PvP experience. Ive been here for every meta since release. Ive brought up PvP balances here before and even got a response from a Bethesda community manager here: https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/em4m3c/bethesda_please_acknowledge_that_you_do_in_fact

After browsing this sub A LOT, to see both sides of the community's opinions on PvP on this game, I have came up with an idea that I believe both sides would happily agree with. As well as a reminder that a certain item needs rebalancing in order to begin fixing PvP because we all know there is a lot of work to do there.

First things first-


I know this comes off a bit harsh, but this is what needs to be done.

When I saw the headline about how shocked you were that so few people wanted to PvP, I was shocked as well.

Shocked as to how you didn't understand why people hated that mode, and here's why.


Survival mode was perfect! But then you messed with the leader boards, then nerfed how much aid you drop, then messed with the leaderboards again making it so the people with the most XP show up on the map (just why??) And then continued to butcher the mode until you got rid of it completely.

And why? To appease PvE players who hated playing the mode, they were just there for the rewards. They didn't WANT to be there, but how else are they gonna get an unstoppable monster?

Here's the thing, you guys added all of these extra challenges that awarded atoms and cool legendaries, as well as double XP to survival ONLY.

Why is that a big problem?

The PvE is the majority of the player base and there's no arguing that. Additionally, most of the people who PvE are also farmers and know near nothing of PvP builds because they don't care to, which is absolutely okay. But, they want those challenges and rewards too, and especially the double XP.

Now when there's balance changes who does Bethesda cater to? The majority. Who happen to be PvE players. Resulting in, the untimely death of survival and the beginning of nearly a year without a balance patch.

What you did wrong here was trying too hard to entice PvE players into doing a PvP mode. And now you're doing it with Nuclear Winter as well.


I don't play NW anymore, but I do know alot of people who complain constantly about Bush wookies, aka PvE players who are only and I repeat ONLY there for the rewards. I don't blame those players though, everyone deserves a chance at rewards. I blame Bethesda for KNOWING the majority of their player base are PvE yet they keep trying to force them to PvP.

Any other game like this has PvE servers and PvP servers. Just do it already!

Take away the ability to put yourself into pacifist mode and instead just separate the servers. Give them the same daily and weekly challenges I mean really, its that easy.

PvE servers = The game will not even register your hit on another player. You or your base can not take or do damage to any player.

PvP servers = Same thing as PvE but instead you can damage players and bases. You get nothing different for doing this mode then you would get from playing a PvE server. This mode is for PvP centric game play or maybe for a PvE player who wants to adventure in danger. (and bring back the kill leaderboard as well)

Also a small idea for a survival server: Certain places around the map you can trigger a PvP "event" to let other players know someones there and ready to battle. No rewards, just a map marker. Have them be at workshops/interesting areas.

Lastly, the PvP exploits, holy crap the exploits. There are so many.

I'm not even going to list them because there is so much to cover, it deserves and is currently in the works of its own post. Plus I'm sure you've heard about them via social media and support tickets but my God. I just can't fathom how you haven't ATLEAST nerfed nuka colas yet. I linked my post at the top of the page that you replied to saying you would look into it.

That was 5 months ago.

Colas are literally the backbone of all the exploits that make people nearly unkillable.

Fixing that alone would make PvP massively more playable.

Though there are A LOT of aid items that also stack that need to be looked into as well. But as they say, one thing at a time.

I will conclude the post here and will not be responding to any comments. I will leave this up as a discussion thread.

If you made it to the bottom of the post thank you very much for taking the time out of your day to read this. May Todd have mercy on our souls. Br-ahmen

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