The reasons for which 100% of the people discussing bloodied nerf are wrong

fallout 8 - The reasons for which 100% of the people discussing bloodied nerf are wrong

There's a topic surfacing the F76 related discussions recently, which looks like this:People compare their damage in the old math, with the new PTS math, and what they see is that the amount of the damage they deal is shown in their pipboy (LIES!) is now smaller. From this, it's easy to come to a false conclusion that bloodbuilds were nerfed, and we see this as a recurring topic that the extreme majority of the commmunity, who haven't actually tested those changes to any meaningful extent, are spreading further.

THERE IS NO BLOODIED NERF. There is nothing that have any resemblance of 'nerf' anywhere in sight. A nerf means that something that was of particular grade of effectiveness now looses this effectiveness. It's hard to talk about nerfs of one particular thing, without comparing it to every other thing that served as competition to this thing. And this is why the current Bloodied debate is bullshit.

It's bullshit because the idea of calling a global redefinition of game's math into one that doesn't lag on being computed 'a nerf' is bloody damn stupid. The upcoming changes are indeed going to result in difference on how much exactly the best possible effect is better than the worst possible effect, but are not going to change ANYTHING in terms of their hierarchy. Bloodied remains the king. Or, in fact, it's actually being returned to position of the king, because right now, due to Magic Damage bug, nothing* is even remotely comparable to Junkies Firerate weapons, because they're not only meta by themselves but also bugged meta-meta that flops the server and lets you shred targets way faster than any bloodbuilds could do.


*- Don't get me started on twoshot limb/bash/33% miniguns – they're literally so damn bugged right now they can outDPS injected hacked weapons.

Every single stupid thing that happens in this game's combat happens because there's way too much to calculate and transfer in the client-server relationship. What these upcoming changes are is not a nerf. It's making the game enginge withstand the amount of stuff to calculate.

The thing that people miss the most is that it doesn't matter what number is displayed when you deal a hit. THE ONLY thing that matters is how much a target suffers from this hit. And this is a game which allowed killing full-HP players in one shot for hit that literally dealt 0 damage,

. If you compare how a powerbuild from old-bullshit-math fares against a powerbuild in new-reasonable-math, (PvE or PvP context, whatever) what you'll see is that EVERYTHING is smooth now. You shoot a monster with a shotgun, but without VATS? For the very first time since TSE nerf that actually deals any damage without using VATS/bugs/bullshits.

Instead of comparing old-math-pipboy-damage against new-math-pipboy-damage (literally the worst possible kind of test one could try to perform, anti-scientific), compare the RESULTS. How targets die. And enjoy. They're fucking finally fixing this game.

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