The Reddit effect is in full effect in this forum. Let’s let these catch their breath from this whooping.

fallout 1 - The Reddit effect is in full effect in this forum. Let's let these catch their breath from this whooping.

I just finished reading a post on my front page where someone suggests that this is now one of the worst gaming companies. REALLY? Funny, as I've seen EA, Activision, BUNGIE (oh my goodness, they're still getting their ass whooped…)….and a handful of disgruntled mobile gamers of subs I'm subscribed to. It's now the running joke of my life: everyone is the worst the moment you're no longer the best!

I think this is a great reminder that Fallout 76 just became "playable" less than 60, if not 45 days ago and that in the moment we tend to live in a vacuum.

Mistakes happen. Missteps happen. Failures happen. 76 is obviously a rotten egg served on a plate that wasn't washed from the restaurant that you like but previously tolerated their struggles. I wouldn't call them "one of the worst" off of THIS….they're just a company that is getting exposed for their failures and us gamers aren't happy because it's getting cold outside and this is the season where we're supposed to be playing AAA titles.

Let's wait another 45 days to see how they recover. Results aren't produced in 1-2 patches. It's just like your job. You know damn well you have a vendor who released a crap product on you and everyone got upset at them. Took them a few months to get back on good graces, right? That's where this company is right now. IT's going to take a few months. They haven't abandoned this yet. They're just reeling and trying to recover as (IF YOU RECALL) they just finished expanding and growing. New practices. New procedures. New chains of commands. New people to accept responsibility. New people who are probably getting raked over coals right now internally for some of the mess-ups – front facing or private (the bag fiasco is the biggest example. "WE" never complained about the pip boys of Fallout 4, or the huge books available…)

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Yes, this is as long as the negative posts and no, I'm not typing this to be a front pager either. I honestly never even type in most of the subs I belong to; I just view the front page on Reddit to gauge activity. I don't know if someone has posted something like this recently either as all I see is bullets flying. I just want us as a group to take the step back, adjust our lives, and know that these folks are probably working 10-12 hour days to fix this. It won't be fixed with their next patch. UI/UX testers are going to miss shit because now they feel pressured. Devs are going to miscode. QA ain't going to catch something. It's going to probably be Feb when shit is 90% complete. If you're not cool with that….take a breather and play something else until it gets fixed. This shit ain't magic.

Final note: Why do companies rush out unfinished products? Deadlines and shareholders' expectations. Is this the first company to do this? Once again, ask Destiny fans who are still going "BUNGIE PLZ….". Ask Madden fans. Ask any fan of any popular game that isn't prefect. It's life. These companies rush and sadly many folks can't wait the weeks or months for the games to get fixed knowing that it's probably not fixed (a public beta so close to launch was a good sign in front of all our faces…)

Let's let them breathe first before whooping their ass again

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