THE RESULTS ARE IN FOR ‘Fallout 76: Wild Appalachia – The Unofficial Opinions and Satisfaction Survey’

fallout 7 - THE RESULTS ARE IN FOR ‘Fallout 76: Wild Appalachia – The Unofficial Opinions and Satisfaction Survey’

C4ggx8p - THE RESULTS ARE IN FOR ‘Fallout 76: Wild Appalachia – The Unofficial Opinions and Satisfaction Survey’

I want to give a big shout out to all of you who took the time in answering and any who helped share it with others – without you lot this whole thing wouldn’t have been worth it at all. Something that really surprised me was that when I initially posted it the survey was about 20 responses short of 400, but after reposting a couple days ago it shot up quick to nearly 1.7k! I’m gunna write a brief summary in relation to each question but the link at the top will take you straight to an album composed of screenshots of the data.

1. First off, when did you start playing Fallout 76?

I stuck this here mostly as an introductory, but it also gives us a small idea of what players would be answering and whether a majority would be people coaxed through the Wild Appalachia trailer. Over half participants started during BETA, with the 2nd largest majority since release day. Whilst the option mentioning after seeing the trailer has very small amount, many of the ‘Other’ answers mentioned dates throughout 2019 which could be inferred as related to that.

2. What do you most enjoy in 76? (Please select as many options as you see fit)

I really feel I should have limited this to one answer only as this one is a truly mixed bag, and with a large variety of things to get up to I do also think a lot of activity is just due to what mood a player is in. ‘Exploration’ is in the lead with PvP the lowest chosen choice.

3. What level are you in Fallout 76?

The order of this one and question 2 should’ve been switched to be honest. Another fairly mixed set of answers, with levels 101-200 being the highest.

4. What was your favourite piece of content from Wild Appalachia?

Please note I actually forgot to put the Burrows as an option here, it’s not due to personal bias related to the negative reaction as I genuinely enjoyed it and spent a good 45 minutes down there my first time as well as nuking it. Anyways Player Vending was the highest picked choice here, followed by Fasnacht and then the Legendary Purveyor, with Survival Mode and Free Range at the bottom.

5. What part of this new content did you like the most?


Bringing many players together in a single area was the most liked aspect of the DLC, with the second most picked option was the repeatable side that gave players things to do for an extended amount of time (I predicted this to be number one, close enough). The ‘new wearable items’ was the least chosen which surprised me as I’m always seeing heads run about in Imposter/Fasnacht gear, much more than Sheepsquatch Clubs and Bear Fists.

6. What sort of content do you want to see more of in Fallout 76?

More quests followed by single player oriented content were the most popular here, and despite my own desire for solo-friendly narrative content I wouldn’t be surprised if some of those answers were from people who either didn’t want Fallout to go online or are just trolls – but this is pure assumption and that data shouldn’t just be discounted, Fallout is traditionally a single-player series much with the relationship similar to The Elder Scrolls and ESO. The lowest was crafting, along with new game modes and clothing/armor. Many of the ‘Other’ responses mentioned bug fixes/QoL, NPCs, new maps as well as other things. I put a sample of these in the album due to practically 1/10th of Responders going for this option.

7. To finish, how satisfied have you been with the content, delivery and size of Wild Appalachia?

Bearing in mind there will be many who feel 65% or 85%, just over half of you chose the 75% option with nearly a quarter choosing 100%. 5% of participants went with the lowest options.

All in All

Please consider the fact this accounts for not even 1% of the total player base, and as others have stated before surveys are prone to bias and (perhaps unintentional) dishonesty. However I still think this can give a good idea of the overall feelings of the players regarding the current state of the game as well as the offerings of Wild Appalachia and if nothing else I had fun sorting this all out. Please feel welcome to offer me feedback so I can further refine the future surveys I hope to do after future seasons. I wanna thank you all again for the answers and I hope you’ve enjoyed examining the results, if nothing else I imagine it’s given you something to sate your hunger a little until E3!

Writing up a survey almost makes you wish for a Nuclear Winter…

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