The ‘SCORE Grind’ Commando – building a pathway to success through the Legendary Run!

fallout 2 - The 'SCORE Grind' Commando - building a pathway to success through the Legendary Run!

What can you do to make sure that you can get lazy later on in the Legendary Run? Why, put in massive effort now and totally burn out of course! A recipe for a healthy game population from Bethesda, the same company that brought you Cap Limits, Scrip Limits, and a PvP mode where sitting in a bush leads to maximum rewards!

But how do we go about this? Well, I'm glad you asked! First, you need an alt, unless you want to rebuild your main, and make them a stealth commando with any given Bloodied auto weapon, even a one star, and enough steel to rebuild Liberty Prime (because you'll burn through that ammo like it's water in the Mojave)! You want to build this character in such a way that it's a perfect stealth archer, able to pop max level heads in 1-2 bullets, but shove any excess/spare SPECIAL into INT. Remember, you just want to be an efficent Bloodied killer, nothing more. Then, you need a full set of Unyielding, even if it's only 1 Star; the point is to maximise out Intelligence after all! Then we move on to mutations; Egg Head (+6 INT) and Herbivore (double plant-based food effects!) are the most important, in addition to the usual Bloodied options like Adrenal Reaction and such. Then, our CAMP and plan of attack!

Cranberry Relish is your new food of choice, with a side of Brain Fungus Soup. The former will give you an XP bonus of +20% with Herbivore and the latter an extra +4 INT. You will want to place your camp next to a source of Cranberry (not diseased!) and there is a nice spot where you can place it up near
Aaronholt homestead - The 'SCORE Grind' Commando - building a pathway to success through the Legendary Run!

Aaronholt homestead. Then you'll want to plant some Gourd. Sugar can easily be crafted by gathering Snaptail reed which is plentiful, one route being starting at the waterline near the Nuka Plant and working your way up towards the Lumber Mill. Brain Fungus is plentiful everywhere, but the tunnel beneath the highway north of Watoga is full of it. Green Thumb perk will net you two of any of these per harvest, so grab that perk! I also recommend Travel Agent, as you'll soon be spending a *lot* of caps on jumping around the map (a stop, once a day, to clear out
Blackwater mine or do Uranium Fever, and sell the weapons/cap out at the train station is advised unless you are wealthy).

Now, Well Rested from laying in bed for a few seconds, in a Building public group (+1 INT per member!), we simply go full assault on the usual hunting grounds. West Tek. Huntersville. Chareston Capitol Building. Anywhere that high level mutants and ghouls spawn in decent numbers. An extra tip; Level 60 Sentry Bots are 1200-1500xp per kill, and there are three usually in Whitespring, two at spawn/the main entrance, then jump across the roof (killing the ghouls in the parking lot on the way) and taking out the Sentry at the back entrance, and if you are lucky a Deathclaw near the water fountain! All together, even if you don't stop for a cheeky visit to the Golf club, you are looking at around 4500 to 5500xp from this little circuit alone, or 50 SCORE to put it in perspective.

You'll hear that little burbly sound and see that little blue bar advance much more often doing this. It also makes the 'gain a level' challenges easier, too, as in the early hundreds this build to maximise XP gain gains levels faster than you can spend them.

Final Note: IF YOU PLAN TO DO THE DOUBLE XP WEEKENDS BY ALL THAT IS HOLY *SAVE YOUR LUNCHBOXES!* They are a flat +25% XP boost that is incredibly tempting, but will stack with everything else, and be most valuable chain-used during the Double XP. Yes, it's tempting, but you'll get massively more bang for your buck if you hold onto them for now.

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