The Silent Follower

fallout 6 - The Silent Follower

It was a very late, and eventful night yesterday.

After spending a couple days on the road of discovering towns, shacks, and even crashed space shuttles, I made my long, tiresome trek back to camp where I sifted through tin cans, snacked on some Dandy Boy Apples, and rearranged some things in my storage chest. As I fuel up on some food and wash it down with a swig of vodka and a chase of Nuka Cherry, I step back outside into the muggy afternoon to another survivor, much like me, standing at my doorstep.

“Hello!” I announced to him as he just stood there and stared at me. Not saying a word.

“Alright man if you’re here to help me with this mission, follow me” I told him. Again, no response.

The Silent Follower, we’ll call him, and I ventured to the Vault-Tec University for exploring. I talked to him (talked to myself) about the stories of the creatures i’ve came across, the people I met, and the insane prices from the local vendors.

“I just don’t understand why they would charge me 4000 caps for a laser pistol recip-“

It scared me really, a robot, alien looking thing with purple jet fuel fuming underneath its feet and back. I’ve heard of the stories, i’ve been told countless tales and possibly fake evidence, but have never came this close to the real deal. They call it the Flat Woods Monster. Without hesitation, I pulled my hunting rifle out of the stock and took aim at the infamous alien, before I could pull my hair-trigger it poofed away in a magical purple and white dust. We never saw it again.


We reach our destination at the Vault-Tec Uni and take a look inside. We had to cut though what seemed like 20 or more ghouls with a craving for our flesh. Venturing deeper into the University, a vault was waiting to be explored. We looted some uniforms for clothing to bring back home, stocked up on ammunition, I even managed to find the vault overseers’ office. I speed read though his documents (i was in a hurry) and scanned through the last log, something about “I can hear them at the door, with a drill. It will take them days but it’ll be weeks until they open the vault” or something of the sorts, i was still a little adrenaline rushed from splitting ghouls heads open. I turned behind me to see a security-locked door. At the bottom of the door, three skeletons lay piled up on one another with what looked like an attempt to get inside. Unfortunately they were unsuccessful. I searched through the Vault overseer’s terminal once again to come across an access inside the locked security door. It opened and there lay the overseers decayed body with rat poison under the bed. Suicide.

My silent buddy and I stand there in shock as we pieced two-and-two together and understood the whole story. As i finish picking through the loot I can hear a VERY loud rumbling and thumps in my headset.

“Damn bro that was crazy”

Damn bro that was crazy, is the only thing this staranger said to me in this 2-3 hour long play-through. This was followed up with another loud thumping, crackling, and overall deafening sound of this stranger unplugging his mic.

Yes stranger, that was crazy.

To whoever reads this and remembers our trek. I will always have a plate of radtoad omelette waiting for you at my campsite.

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