The start of fallout games compared.

fallout 2 - The start of fallout games compared.

I haven't played fallout tactics or brotherhood, so I won't compare them.

Fallout 1:
Intro – The game starts you seeing what the world was before the war, but then we see a US soldier shooting a wounded person on the ground in the head. The camera zooms out from the TV and we what the world has become, a wasteland.

Story/why you go out in the wasteland – Your vault needs your help, if you don't get the waster chip, the everyone in the vault will die. You start in a cave, you need to fight rats to get out. Then you are out you find shady sands, a peaceful town threaten by raiders and rad-scorpions.

Fallout 2:

Intro – A projector in a vault turns on, you see a video from vault-tek telling you what you need to do before leaving the vault. After that, we see the Enclave waiting for the vault door to open. When it finally does, the vault citizens wave to the outside world. The enclave start shooting with mini guns.

Story/why you go out in the wasteland – Your village needs your help, you need to find the GECK so that they can survive. You start in a temple, you need to survive the trial to prove that you are worthy for the mission. When you have succeeded, you need to find the trader vic because he maybe knows where you can find vault 13 and the GECK.

Fallout 3:

Intro – You see a lamp in a destroyed bus turn on, when the camera zooms out and reveals a destroyed city and the wasteland. You also see a bos soldier in power armor look at you.

Story/why you go out in the wasteland – You are a baby, you walk to your father. Then you are at a birthday party with balloons and a cake. As a gift, father shows you how to shoot with a BB gun. After that you have a test, the GOAT, and you learn that the vault is controlled by a dictatorship by the overseer. You wake up with the vault in alert, your father has escaped and you go out in the wasteland to find him.


Fallout New Vegas:

Intro – You are in a casino, it's empty and destroyed. When you leave the casino, you see drunk ncr soldiers and securitrons chasing them. You see the city of New Vegas, everything is destroyed except the New Vegas strip. A ncr ranger, standing on the Las Vegas sign, with a sniper rifle, shoots a raider in the head. You later see the legion preparing to attack. Then you see a guy with clean and classy clothing, with raiders digging a grave.

Story/why you go out in the wasteland – You getting shot in the head by the same guy as in the intro. You wake up in the small town of goodsprings. You need to find out what happened, and why he shot you in the head.

Fallout 4:

Intro – You see your character giving a speech, about US history, how USA was before the war and the wars in alaska.

Story/why you go out in the wasteland – You need to get to the vault before the bombs explode, you get frozen in the vault and see your son getting kidnapped and your wife getting shot. You go out in the wasteland to find your son.

Fallout 76:

Intro – You learn that you are in a vault that is going to rebuild and reclaim the wasteland.

Story/why you go out in the wasteland – After a party, you learn that it is reclamation day, you need to go out in the wasteland to rebuild it, and reclaim it.

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