The State of Legendaries, PvP

fallout 2 - The State of Legendaries, PvP

TL;DR, legendary enemies seem less likely to drop a legendary at all and wood/drill/syringer still plague the loot tables.

Hey, I'm a level 271 with almost 500 hours played (won't lie that I afk a lot). I spend most of my time farming three star legendary enemies in the hopes of finding those dream pieces. I just wanted to talk about the state of farming these and the bugs related, along with question why the patch notes included a comment on how legendary enemies will always drop a legendary, spoiler: they don't.

First of all, let's talk about finding a three star legendary. Most of the time it comes down to luck (which the stat doesn't seem to affect, I've tried low luck and high luck builds). There are a few locations that have a high chance of legendary enemies that scale up to 3 stars, Watoga Civic Center and Medical Services are two that have a boss in a specific place and the boss has a higher than normal chance to be three star. They previously had the highest rate and you could farm them by server hopping, with good odds of a three star each time.

Back in November they nerfed those locations to discourage server hopping and farming specific locations (I think, this was before they had Dev comments on patches and before Inside the Vault kicked off). These went from above 50% chance for 3 star to somewhere around 10% of 3 star, with maybe a 50% chance of being legendary.

Most people resorted to farming Whitesprings instead, with a nuke zone you could net a 3 star on every lap, with ridiculous amounts of 1 star. Some people server hopped with a friend to force the main building to respawn. Nuking Whitesprings became the thing to do and overall I think it's great that the center of the map became a hub for players to meet and farm. Unfortunately, they nerfed this as well in terms of experience and 3 star spawn rate.

These problems are just the beginning. Even if you find a 3 star legendary, you aren't promised a 3 star item or even an item at all. Currently you have a chance of receiving nothing from a legendary. On top of that, syringer and drill are still on the legendary loot table but can't receive legendary effects. Wood armor is another culprit, it can receive a legendary effect but only one and will never be 2 or 3 star. The current patch insults the process further by claiming vaguely that legendaries will now always drop a legendary (which is actually a straight faced lie).

Now, all of this doesn't bother me too much because I do enjoy the game. However, the problem is duping was exploited for the entire life of the game. This ruined any chance of a player economy and when the chances of even finding a legendary are as low as they are right now it creates a rift and gap that can never be closed between the casual/fair gamer and people that exploit.

The reason I want to bring this all up is because of the current PvP meta leading into the launch of Survival Mode (aka Dupers Paradise). "God" builds are currently focused around stacking as many damage reductions as possible. I'm going to quickly list the perks, mutations, and legendary effects that a God build will typically run in combination.


Barbarian: +80 DR

Blocker: 45% reduced melee damage

Adamantium Skeleton: immune to cripple

Fireproof: 45% reduced fire and explosives damage


Lone Wanderer: 20% reduced damage

Evasive: +45 DR and ER

Dodgy: 30% reduced damage

Serendipity: 45% chance to avoid damage while under 30% health


Scaly Skin: +50 DR and ER

Grounded: +100 ER

Legendary Effects;

5x Assassin: 40% reduced damage

5x Sentinel: 75% reduced damage

You can reach 400-500 DR/ER with these effects and have the combination of a 75%, 40%, 30%, 20%, and additionally 45% if melee, fire, or explosives (along with even more explosive reduction with Dense chest mod). Meanwhile, all you have to do is stand still and VATS your enemy with a AAE Handmade. That's right, the most OP build only demands that you stand still (or you could do Cavalier and achieve the same while Sprinting, better for melee but not as good for guns).

Now, the reason this all ties together is because these things would be less OP if everyone understood the stacking and had access to the same gear, but instead you have a terrible loot system. The player economy is ruined and it costs 25k for a decent piece of Assassin Sentinel. But don't worry, when Survival mode is released, everyone can experience the joy of Dupers dominating with little effort, well I guess it will be their joy and our pain. Casual/fair gamers will want to avoid Survival, because you will eventually run into a God build that you can't even deal damage to.

In closing, please update the loot system to something that rewards players appropriately for their time. Hopefully the purveyor is as good as be sounds, he is the only hope I have at the moment. Survival mode will be a shit show if players can come in with a God build and should be delayed until after Purveyor to allow for a more even playing field.

PvP meta will remain stale as long as there are so many percent damage reductions that can stack.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that magazines and bobbleheads make the PvP problem a much bigger deal. These are items that are very rare to find a stack of, but exploiters will have hundreds to use. Some effects include "50% chance enemy player VATS will miss" uhh what?

EDIT 2: My Farm Route

West Tek Research Center is currently, in my opinion, the best farm location in the game. It has higher than normal legendary spawn rate, with frequent 3 stars. The enemies are all Super mutants that commonly drop caps. The enemies at a high level scaling are 48 and 68, giving me a level every few runs even at 200+. You can easily max vendor caps by picking up their weapons and meds to sell.

I stopped going to Whitesprings because the time investment is too high and the area is crowded. I stopped going to Watoga because the odds seem too low. West Tek is my last hold out of consistently getting a 3 star within a more reasonable amount of time.

EDIT 3: Possible Solutions to PvP

There is a perk called Ricochet that states (No PvP) in it's description, this (No PvP) could be applied to the major damage reduction effects such a Dodgy, Serendipity, and maybe even Blocker and Fireproof to prevent major perk overhaul. Sentinel and Cavalier simply shouldn't be allowed to stack.

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