The Story of Doctor Nordan. An Institute Rogue.

fallout 6 - The Story of Doctor Nordan. An Institute Rogue.

Terminal Entry#1 (9/10/2287): Institute Asset, Questioned Worth

I have been an intrigal contribution to the advancements benefiting the Institute. All my life, the entirety of my efforts have gone into not only improving but surpassing the progression of the Robotics facility. What thanks do i get? My synth project has been shut down! Why can’t they see that my experiments will improve synth behavior in order to achieve indistinguishable synth to human specimens. Psychosis analysis and social experiments are extremely important to guarantee success with the test subjects. Manipulating controversial situations and recording the outcome will yield favorable results. Father however… disagrees. He says my experiments contradict his vision and purpose for synths and because of this creative difference he has literally pulled the plug on my reasearch.

Terminal Entry#2 (9/12/2287): Continued Research, See No Evil

It is impossible for me to concentrate on my duties. Ever since my program was shut down all i can do is think about the time that i’m wasting. I need to install personality programs into synths, have them experience trauma and then record their reactions. Success depends on manipulating controversial events in order to force synths to react as humans would. Yes… this is what i will do. No! Is what i MUST do. I will use the personaility programs from the people that have been snatched and replaced to test my hypothesis but i must be careful and not get caught.

Terminal Entry#3 (9/14/2287): Planned Escape, A Risk Worth Taking

The security synths are onto me, their protocols are becoming harder to override and if i don’t do something, Father will soon find out what i have been up to. My experiments have been a success however! This proves my hypothesis and opens the possibility to manipulation through tragedy, controlled events which can consistently force a synth to make certain decisions and most importantly; true, pure and self aware decisions based on experiences. I’m on the verge of a breakthrough but if i’m to continue, i must leave the Institute. No one wants to admit it but i know Virgil escaped a long time ago. Last night i was able to override one of the Coursers to confirm they have assigned Kellogg to hunt him down. I will gather my things and leave when the time is right.

Terminal Entry#4 (10/17/2287): Project Human To Synth, Tomorrows Synth

Escape from the Institute was a success, although it took time, effort and resources. I successfully gathered the schematics to build my own version of the synth recreation hub. With this i will be able to create synths identical to the ones the Institute makes. I should be thankful to my new head of security synth, H-8. By overriding his program i made him obey my every command thus helping me escape. With this synth now turned into my own personal mercenary, i was able to find refuge in an underground bunker. The Commonwealth is a savage place but the Institute will never find me here and any clue that rises about my location will be eliminated by H-8. Now i can establish my operation and begin my first true test subject, Synth Experiment Codename: Gregori!

Terminal Entry#5 (12/23/2287): Setting Pawns, Bloody Chessboard

H-8 has been extremely helpful throughout my experimentations. He is able to collect all the necessary materials for the synth creation process while i remain hidden from the Commonwealth. It has been done! My first true creation, Gregori. Before i release my test subject i must have H-8 contact Tower Tom and his crew. According to H-8 scouting reports, this Tom character dwells within a brewery and is running low on food. H-8 will notify him of another raider known as Red Tourette who happens to have a moderate amount of food stashed inside a Federal Rations facility tunnel. I will pit these two raider groups against one another and place Gregori in the middle so that i can record his every action.

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Terminal Entry#6 (1/4/2288): Programmed Motivation, Expected Results

My progression has been slow due to lack of supplies and materials but i’m steadily improving nonetheless. I have finally completed my own version of the eye bot with a lens modification that will transmit everything the bot sees into my terminal. I will be able to record from a distance every single move Gregori makes. It is finally time to begin my experiment at long last. I have sent H-8 to transport Gregori to a settlement called Sunshine Tidings where he would be left alone. Gregori has a program titled “wake up” on a Pip-boy attached to his arm which will boot his system during a designated time. I have also commanded H-8 to leave a note on a nearby drawer to encourage Gregori in Federals direction. This will absolutely succeed and to make sure of it there is a program implanted that will amplify hunger within Gregori’s protocols for motivation. Now we wait.

Terminal Entry#7 (1/6/2288): Lose Some, Win Some

My findings have been outstanding! Not only did Gregori follow through with his hunger amplification but upon murdering Red, he felt guilt all on his own! There must have been at least 3 pure emotional triggers that allowed him to deduce what the “right” thing to do was. He felt guilt at killing Red, Pride at wanting to stand by a moral code and even anger for the wounds he sutained. Unfortunately… this great achievement came at a cost. Gregori murdered Tower Tom but later on died on his way back to Sunshine Tidings. Further confirmation was provided by H-8 who was keeping a close eye on him. This puts my reasearch on hold and now H-8 must gather more materials so that i can create another synth. I will NOT give up.


Terminal Entry#8 (3/20/2288): New Synth, Same Test

Finally! I finished my second synth experiment codename Dalia. To make things even better i have found the perfect companion subject for my experimentation. The trauma and tragedy oportunities are endless! H-8 has been instructed to leave Dalia’s body on Nordhagen’s Beach shore. If all goes according to plan, the family of settlers currently residing there will rescue her and hopefully allow her to stay due to her programmed amnesia. H-8 will remain hidden around the area so that he may execute my orders which will test Dalia’s primal motivations and the settlers survival. In a few days H-8 will lure a pack of ghouls to Nordhagen and i will look forward to what choices Dalia will make. Will she run or stay and help?

Terminal Entry#9 (4/14/2288): Great Findings, Result Binding

I am beyond pleased with Dalia’s results so far! She felt an obligation and took the initiative to repay the settlers for their help by collecting scrap for them. H-8 was successful with his orders and was able to lure the ghouls towards the settlers while remainining undetected. It worked out beyond expectations since Dalia returned to the Beach mid conflict and the ghouls were able to cause some serious damage. The little boy was attacked unfortunatelly… but it was intriguing as this event created a sense of maternal affection towards the boy by Dalia. Amazing! She has developed an emotion that was never programmed into her software! I will continue to monitor all and await H-8’s return.

Terminal Entry#10 (4/20/2288): Demented Creator, Dangerous Intentions

Dalia’s pure nature has smoothed the process of this project. The settlers crops were contaminated and she felt obligated to provide a solution. The food that she found was tainted and after consumption the settlers grew sick, including the little boy. That’s when i had the amazing idea to have H-8 poison the boy causing his death. This resulted in the settlers holding Dalia responsible and subsequently exiling her. I was hoping she would murder them since i have not had the opportunity to collect psychopath data but the alternative was still helpful. I’m currently waiting on H-8 to return so that i may probe his analysis for further clarification on the matter.

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Terminal Entry# 11 (5/3/2288): After Rain, Water Purifies

Damn it all! H-8 never returned and his arrival date is long overdue. I also lost the feed from the eye bot days ago which has crippled my ability of constant surveillance. This leads me to believe that H-8 has been killed or worse… he has become self aware and abandoned me. This is a crucial part of my research, having no information on Dalia’s current whereabouts and status has completely halted my progression. I will NOT let this derail me, not when i’m so close. If i have to step out into the commonwealth then so be it! I must arm myself and begin searching for the materials so that i may create a third synth. I have come this far and i will not give up now.

Terminal Entry#12 (5/6/2288): Missing Error, Ghost Entry

On his search for resources Doctor Nordan came across the East Boston Preparatory School. Hoping to find the necessary equipment within the science classrooms, he entered the building and began searching. Doctor Nordan was immediately caught by the raiders occupying the school. In an attempt to plead for his life, he confessed to being a scientist who could improve the raiders capabilities through experimentation.

The leader of the raider group agreed to his offer and demanded a blood contract be signed as a show of permanent loyalty and commitment. Doctor Nordan refused to sign due to the implications of the contract meddling with his true goal and in return offered a temporary alliance.

The raider leader grew angry at Doctor Nordans rejection and ordered he be tortured and killed for his refusal. The body was left inside one of the cages as a message for future candidates to be influenced into accepting the blood contracts.

The Story of Gregori

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